Hold Fast Promo 1 Aug 9, 2009

Hold Fast Promo 1 from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Hold Fast FRS (Foot retention system) were developed by urban fixed gear riders on the streets of NYC.

Here’s a promo video featuring Tom LaMarche, Jeremiah and myself. Hold Fast or Die.


Tragedy “Chemical Imbalance”

  • jonnyneedledick

    wow tom sure sucks now huh… holy
    naw im kidding i dig his style its pretty effin tight!

    keep it up!

  • chris

    Damn. Thats a long staircase. my computer sucks, how many did you clear on that 180? and the 10 gap was impressive. He has his backpack on to!

  • We all know that this video was fun/sick as fuck.. I cant wait to ride that new park, dope.

  • Thanks Torey. Chris, it was a long 5 in the sequence I landed. I cleared the 6 at one point, but the video was cut too short. Those stairs are long as hell too.

  • Sorry, but i will double post, about this sickness.

    WRAHW approved.

  • crihs

    good to see the wrist is good to go. nice haircut…

  • tom is nuts that 10 stare is huge BIG FUCKIN UPS

  • Hey Prolly,
    Big Thanks!, Had a great time riding with you guys yesterday. Watching Tom ride is inspiring!

  • Burrito Pack

    1: this is awesome you guys seem to get smoother every video

    2:it seems entirely likely that you rode toms bike and have an opinion on the thing. so does it ride like a 71.5 HTA or not?

  • Supr Phraek

    You know, I’ve always thought that style of fixed frame/fork setup looks goofy out of personal preference, but you guys sure do show how much they can handle. Fuckin 10 stair it’s nutz. Good videos once again

  • hustlejr

    OK. This is good. I can dig this style. It’s smooth as fuck but still huge shit.


  • phild

    good choice of song

  • Scott

    Air time.

  • ur a n8

    hustlejr…..why are you always talking and never saying anything?

  • Wolves

    I ride by those steps everyday while working as I crank my way up towards the four deuce on 2nd.

    As I pedal I think about how riding my bike is making me money so I could buy another bike so I could do that.

    Well Done.

  • hustlejr


  • Steve B

    Needs more mohawk. Maybe Tri-hawk.

  • tim-o

    What park is this?

  • Whoa, shaky cam!

  • it’s not a professional video, it’s an internet video. No dollies, no tripods, don’t care and I skipped my morning coffee that day!

  • michael

    where is that first spot? is that a skatepark? i want to skate there!!