Here and There Aug 19, 2009

here. and there. from Kris *lockedcog* on Vimeo.

The latest from Kris at Lockedcog!

  • Haterade

    It’s great that people are riding and practicing, but every time I come on here I feel like I’m watching the same video over and over. These are the same 3 tricks everyone is doing. The only thing even remotely creative here is the endo on the park bench.

    I feel bad for the guy who wasted his time filming and editing this when he could have been riding, though at least he wasn’t too busy to fart. But srsly people, stop filming and start creating. Put down the camera until you have something to actually show us.

  • in the time it took you to write one of the most tired and played out comments ever…you could have been practicing being a better human being.

  • isnt making videos…well…creative?

  • Haterade

    “isnt making videos…well…creative?”

    Not if the videos don’t show any creative riding or involve any creative filming. Just pointing a camera at something and slapping some music under the edit doesn’t mean you’ve created anything.

    Kris, show me one thing in that video we haven’t seen a million times and I’ll go outside and help old ladies cross the street for the rest of the afternoon.

  • Ok. Enough. Seriously. Get over it guys. No more!

  • Jonas

    Well anyway.. Boards of canada rules! nice vid.

  • … and I will say this; I’ve yet to see someone do a rockwalk to wheelie or that last line.

    Kris, how do you do nose-pivots on the backs of your pedals!?

  • i make these videos because i like to ride my bike, make videos and capture what my friends and i do out here. its fun and most people seem at least somewhat receptive.

    Boards is indeed sick…though i can definitely see how some people might not dig em.

    John…do you mean like out of my straps or the pedal position? i guess i just get way over the front and swing with most of my power from my left leg…and put pressure sort of down and back on the pedals? terrible explanation haha.