Giant Bowery FMX Aug 24, 2009

Giant tries to address the fixed gear freestyle crowd by releasing a “tarck’d out” Bowery frame. Complete with a small saddle, short stem and 3-piece cranks. Is that an Imperial sprocket ripoff? Is the sprocket splined? Or are they selling the bike with Loctite and a locking washer for the sprocket bolt? The Champion du Monde stripes are a subtle detail too.

Companies need to pay attention. Nothing screams “throw me down some stairs” like an Aluminum frame. Why not make a 4130 frame? I know some people swear by alloy for tricks, so that’s not a total fail and I’ll give them credit on nailing the aesthetic of the 700c trick bikes.

They addressed just about everything. If it had a unicrown fork and was made from chromoly, it’d probably sell really well. It’s obviously a new model, since the only place that has it online is Cadence 120, including the Giant website. I’m assuming it’ll be showcased at the Giant booth at Interbike this year.

Here’s their description:

“Giant’s Bowery FMX might have been born in the velodrome but it was definitely raised in the BMX world. This fun city steed boasts an aluminum frame and chromoly fork for a light, responsive ride that can take on whatever the urban landscapes has in store for you. This sweet rig is ready for whatever tricks you can throw down, too, with stiff 3-piece chromoly cranks, a BMX-style saddle and a stubby stem with riser bars. And, the fast-rolling 700c wheels with Michelin tires can handle drops, jumps and fast bike-lane ripping. There’s even a thick wrap around the top tube to protect you as well as this sweet frame while it’s locked up.”

Bike-lane ripping… lulz

  • mitchell

    Giant just got serious with BMX in the past two years and they are not anywhere near pushing the BMX market. I wouldn’t expect too much out of them.

  • jonnyneedledick

    i dunno… aluminum and ‘take whatever you can throw at it’ usually doesn’t go together well.
    again a big box company throws a dart and misses the board completely

  • fre$hjive

    looks good, i want one!

  • I saw this awhile ago when it was leaked on the web. In the photos it looks like a child’s bike but with 700c wheels. I do like the old school Giant logo though.

  • I ripped the Madison street bike lane today. Sorry about that folks. It’s a fissure tear and it isn’t pretty. I ripped it all up.

  • well

    well lots of yfg guys are riding w-base master alloy frames and they are still killing it so i think alloy isnt the problem. However, that fork is ugly thou

  • and its white…not to mention many of the other things wrong with it.

  • chaz

    looks too fresh out of the box. Needs too look more crappy for my taste.

  • Who the fuck writes the descriptions for this shit.

    Bike is whatever though.

  • matt

    alluminum, cro mo ultimately its still your personal choice– i wouldnt rag on the bike if you dont want to buy it– i dont want ot buy it but lets be fair this bike is for the kids in the burbs or rural america who read blogs like this on the web but dont have any dough to get into the stuff — sure this isnt the best bike and isnt hand made or anything but its not a bad start – giant is a big brand sure– probably the biggest basically manufacturing for everyone else on the side and probably making the parts that you think they copy later– but to be fair the industry is generally race driven – to a market that the majority never race — so its good to see something not coming out of racing with a fair effort — do you think this market really is significant to giant – no it wont bet probably ever but their bicycles give you a pretty safe bang for your buck for a starter bike

    as for the aesthetics sure it looks pretty good and they like that people are already repurposing their products( bmx stuff on 700c bikes) -just like apple embraced podcasting as a platform even though they didnt intend the product to be used that way- i say giant creating this bike to be sold in bike shops by trained mechanics is light years away from something like the urban outfitters neglegence of putting basically an unsafe product out there- see bikesnobnyc’s post about the republic with the axle covers still on– scary

    on the streets of nyc shit like that lack of thought scares me much more than counterculture being appropriated and folded into the mainstream– lets face it — that is either inevitable or the mainstream monoculture is over due to the web anyway– either way these things are out of our control

    — i apoligize for being long winded but i also dont think that if a big company makes something it is immediately not worth seeing a use for

  • brunoj

    It doesn’t bar spin with a 700x23c front wheel, a minor problem noticed by astute observers at the 2010 Giant rollout.

  • and i thought being hungover on saturday was sucked more than anything as of lately…

  • john

    i like the bottle cage mounts. i wish my bmx frame had them.

  • erik

    I’m a bit weary of the Aluminum frame as well…But all in all looks like a decent start. I wouldn’t mind ‘ripping’ up the already haggard bike lines of my town on a test spin.

  • anton

    Did i miss something? When did Aluminum become fragile? BMX bikes are steel but thats because some riders actually jump off 3 flight of stairs on them and then when they don’t land right, pick up their bike and hurl it as hard as they can against a wall. So the stuff is way overbuild and it still breaks all the time. I mean don’t get me wrong, bar spinzzz, wheelies and curb dropzzz are way technical and demanding on the frame- but me thinks durability of the aluminium frame isn’t something you should be concerned with.

    If a 15lb road bike can handle this:, then your 25lb fixie can handle your bar spinz just fine.

    As far as the bike goes.. well they are bit late(in wake of trek, specialized and felt) but i suppose it will serve its purpose and outsell any “cool” steel-is-real retro brand wannabe 10 to 1.

    that is all. i am done hating. i would ride it if i got it for free…

  • You really think aluminum can handle this:

    I don’t!

    Thanks for the comment. But I don’t think anyone I ride with could keep an alloy frame crack-free for longer than a week! In fact, a friend of mine broke his alloy frame 180’ing a 4 set. Only after having it for 2 weeks!

    I’ve gap’d a 10set and 180’d a 6. I think for that stuff, chromoly is the best bet. BUT, that being said a lot of kids only do curb hops, so sure, it’d be fine.

  • gc

    Aluminium can handle this, fixie ‘artistic stylings’ are pretty tame…

  • Aluminum has a few clear advantages over steel, chief among them: it doesn’t rust. That means a lot to people who care about practical use more than they care about being a part of a subculture…

    • What the hell does that even mean? Especially with regards to this post?