Fixkin ISO Hubs Aug 18, 2009

Straight outta Italy comes Fixkin, a componentry company specializing in filling the hub niche for fixed gear riders. Stefano designs and fabricates the hubs himself out of solid Ergal 7075 T6 Aluminium. They’re available in lots of hard anodized colors with the option of 6 holes ISO or integrated Miche carrier for Miche-splined cogs.

Here‘s a Chub-influenced hub with a bolt-on cog.

Thanks for the heads up Aldone!

  • tdhk

    Wish I could read all that Italian, looks damm impressive though!

  • Holy Shit these look dope!!!

  • Jerry Likes Bikes

    I really like these hubs, and I am all for more companies jumping on the ISO bandwagon. My only concern is the lack of originality with their products. The Chub style hub I can let slip, but the ENO knock off is just unfair to White Industries.

    On the topic of ISO, someone needs to jump in with a bolt-on standard that will accept down to a 10t cog for those of us interested in that kind of thing…

  • marcoleone

    hi,i have one of those hub for sale.i bought it in italy and i used it for a while but still in great come with a 17t cog made by email is [email protected] and my name is leone.thanks