Dickies: Wear With Purpose Aug 11, 2009

Dickies are legit as hell. Cut em off into shorts, keep them as pants or whatever. They hold up great and are only $25. They’re perfect for riding in, year round. It appears that they are aware of this. So much that they got a dude to model for them on his Gangsta track. The bottom reads “My job is awesome, except when a taxi almost kills you”.

Helmets help! It’s part of a new campaign Dickies is doing on hard-working folks.

Thanks to Blake for the heads up.

  • antihero1972

    so true dickies are legit. For that reason i dont mind this add at all.

  • stabilo

    no way im not wearing this crap its not made of super suede camel toe wicking material and the pants are only $25!? sell me the same thing with an outlier label on it for $125 and i might buy some

  • Stabilo,

    Two different things man. It’s like comparing a fucking plastic poncho to goretex.

  • hustlejr

    My favourite shorts are Dickie cut-offs. Now if I could just get all the grease and coffee stains out.

  • hahah

    this dude. LOL. what a barney. and that quote seals the deal.