Demon Steed – Production Bruiser Aug 7, 2009

Speaking of blood-red bikes, my production Bruiser just got back from the painters in Milwaukee. Neon red fork with a gloss black undercoat and a red flake clearcoat. So brutal!

Edit: Check out Burd’s paint too! His post also gives you a peek into the Bruiser’s unprecedented bottom-bracket cluster. 42c tires clear with room to spare and you still have a track chainline. Innovation, not imitation!

  • Golden Spoon

    Gyro tabs? Hot damn! Are there 990 mounts on the rear end as well as the fork?

  • Yep!

  • eric thomas

    Are you a satanist prolly? You seem to be infatuated with the underworld hahah.

  • WHAAAT THHHAAA FUUUCK! Sick! Hahaa, maaan!

    As for the Satanists statement, Johns a good ol North Carolinian

    Danger Dark Doom Bringer, hahahaa!

  • Blam!

  • julio

    what is that little steel piece on the bottom of the top tube. i have a prototype and ive always wondered wtf that was.

  • It’s a gusset.

  • chris

    i think he’s talking about the tabs to mount brake cables.

  • julio

    not the gusset, i guess its a brake cable mount? fuck it, doesn’t matter anyways.just curious

  • john

    julio, it’s for a removable cable guide.