Chrome Fall 2009 Footwear Aug 5, 2009

Chrome has leaked a few sneak peak photos of their forthcoming messenger sneaker line. A cross between Chucks and Chukka boots, the sneakers come in either high or low-top silhouettes. Not sure on how stiff the soles are, or what pricepoint to expect them in, but you can most definitely gettem at Open in September.

Brought to you by High Snobiety.

Edit: Updated information from Open.

The shoes have a tab on the sole which assists in getting into toe clips, a Propulsion Plate that stiffens up the sole and will come in around $70 to $90

  • Burd

    Not bad. Kinda surprised they don’t have a seat belt buckle instead of shoe strings though…

  • Scott

    Not feeling it

  • ugh….

    looks like a half-cab with a gargoyle on it?

  • meh… Any redeeming qualities? Is the sole a little stiffer than a Chuck? Can you screw a cleat to it? Or they just slapping their logo on a half cab and charging a c-note?

  • vin-e

    Theres a shank in the sole which makes it have a very sturdy bottom. the top is reinforced with a shank in the toes as well. I’ve had a chance to try them on and they are very nice. Seriously, I’ve been looking for good shoes to ride in for a while now (the chucks and eras ain’t cuttin it) and i think these may be my top choice.

  • tom

    they couldn’t have made an uglier sneaker.
    defiantly not.