Chris Akrigg: One Gear No Idea Aug 21, 2009

One gear No idea from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

Chris Akrigg is no stranger to bikes. He is however a stranger to fixed gears. Here he is, giving it a go in one of his first sessions. Insanity throughout!

Thanks Nick!

  • jeff

    some CRAZY looking shit there @ 3:11

  • ok 1) that was absurd. his lines were SO clean!
    2) was that a mongoose frame? wtf haha

  • That horse sound when he slips is awesome.

    It looks like he was having fun, and thats what it’s all about.

  • Dudes. He kills shit. He’s better than everyone. Seriously. He just sonned all of us.

  • ok i suck

  • God Dam!! Some people just got it out the gate!!!

    Nice Video!!

  • Wow, that was bonkers.

  • Jordy

    I saw 1:57 in a Cutter BMX video and I was super stoked on it. Probably my favorite part of this vid. Now lets see those clips sucker.

  • Hands down, top two favorite segs of the summer! So butters!

    “Fuck pigs.” Brilliant.

  • Haterade

    Awesome shit, true bike handling skills and an eye for lines going on here. This should tamp down the flow of lame videos with wobbly wheelies in parking lots for a while.

  • what the fuck

    not only did this guy son you all, no offense, but he cleared the floor and started a new level. everything was excuted greatly and to top it off he was strapless. this guy is a league of his own, literally. tom nor wonka could match him not even miller. damn what the fuck just happened i feel confused. thats how absurd that video was. he is years away.

  • He has won many a trials championships. I have a feeling he’d kill any bike.

  • Ed

    1:57-2:03 was realllllly nice. overall, very impressed seeing that it was his first time with a fg.

  • nate

    the part where he pop the pedal up on the ledge, then cranks the bike up.

    definitely bringing a new flavor to things.

  • jpp

    does anyone wanna buy my bike?

    I give up.

  • Duke

    Dude just sonned all you fixie freestylers. Proof if you’ve been riding your whole life you can adapt that skill to any set of 2 wheels when you want. Hang it up you mid 20 year old wheelie dorks just signing onto a hobby.. hahaha

  • Looks like those years of Trials experience converted pretty damn well to the fixed side of things. He’s got some badass lines in there.

  • Burd

    Duke, the whole point of doing this crap is to have fun, no matter what your skill set is. This vid should inspire people to go ride and learn new shit, not make them want to quit.

    Crazy how some people can take something positive like this vid and turn it into a reason to dump on others from behind their computer screen…

  • Usually,i dont watch FG freestyle videos,but this was a very pleasant one.Dude is sick.

  • Burd has it spot on

    Akrigg is inspiring, but he’s not the only one who is.

    Love it

  • yeah sick rider dope steez

  • crihs

    this was insane. 3:11 was fckng sick!

    lol @ the dude who said “butters” up there.

    sickest thing to me is that he has no straps.