Bruiser Production Model Aug 15, 2009

Wow. It’s amazing the difference you can feel between the last prototype and the final production model. Here’s my production large Bruiser. Was nailing full cab sliders and 540 cab bars tonight with ease. Oh yeah and the bb cluster is unprecedented. Amazing clearance.

More pics here.

  • So why did you switch from the volume spider to a tree lite sprocket?

  • That Volume spider was a piece of shit man. Well, that’s a little harsh, maybe they didn’t intend for people to do chainring grinds on it.

    I set it up with the stout and went out riding. Hit a line like i’ve done 100 times; chainring grind to wheelie and my chain popped. Looked down and the spider was bent. At least a 1/4″ hop in it. One grind.

    I’m still on the fence about what to do. I like to do CR grinds and I never had a problem with Omniums…

  • I’ve never been much of a CR grinder seeing as how I do everything left foot forward but I do like to CR stall on stuff.

    I JUST got my first set of BMX cranks and was debating on whether to go with the spider or the tree lite… If the spider is that weak then I think you’ve settled the debate for me.

    Have you been doing any CR grinds with the tree lite?

  • duhbutcher

    bruiser looks good. I love the way the fork fits with the frame. Too bad they’re not instock to buy from bens. I would get one for sure.

  • tron

    the bike looks good john! can’t wait to see it in person!

  • space-cliff

    your front’s on backwards!

  • Spencer

    What’s your gear ratio?

  • 42:15 with 35c tires

  • blah

    jeff, it’s a bmx sprocket. of course it’s going to hold up for what you’re going to do on it.

  • Jeff, I landed on it and knocked it out of true by about 1/8″. I think I’m going to ride a 32t with a 13t cog. There’s a reason bmx kids ride compact gearing. Big rings bend.