BÖIKZMÖIND Aug 31, 2009

BOIKZMOIND Trailer from Xynthetic on Vimeo.

A new project from the UK is brewing. Read up below:

This is the official trailer for our forthcoming fixed gear bike film ‘BÖIKZMÖIND‘.

Shot in Bristol, UK with a near army of fixed gear cyclists, the film will focus on the culture and social aspects of the scene here in the South West.

This trailer which premiered at the second ‘No Gears’ night at Bristol’s Cube Cinema on Monday 31st August 2009, represents the first footage to be shown from hours of material gathered so far.

The full film will be released sometime in 2010.

Shot on a JVC Everio HD3 with a Century Optics Wide Angle Lens and various mounts for on bike filming as well as a JVC Everio HD5 with JAG35E DOF adapter and 50mm f1.4 Canon Lens.

Directed by Gavin Strange ( jam-factory.com )
Filmed & Edited by Jonny Clooney ( makinov.com ) & Gavin Strange

Music is ‘In the Hall of the Mountain King’ by Edvard Grieg


  • Jarshy

    This looks awesome! love the camer attached to the bike shots. hopefully it will see a US release.

  • i hope to see this grow into to what nyc has grown into.. bravo fucken gnar.

  • Ben E

    This makes me so excited for moving to Bristol University this September

  • Edward Scoble

    HAve anyone notice that this is the first fixie skidder ‘film’ that show rider having front brakes on their bike?

  • Hey guys, many thanks for posting the trailer here and thanks for the kind words, really stoked you like the trailer!

    @Ed Scoble – I’m glad you noticed that dude, as Im hoping not to have a film concerned with whats cool and whats not, i want it to have a sense of community revolving around those who ride here in Bristol, it’s all just a bit of fun after all

    @Ben E: Nice one dude, be sure to hit us up when you move to Bristol mate, be great to have you part of the film sir!

    cheers again all,

    ~ Gav.