Banana Republic Midnight Ride Aug 17, 2009

All the douche-chills of an after school special brought to you by Banana Republic.

“can I ride with you guys?” “nah man”. OOOOSH!

  • james

    this is embarrassing on so many counts

  • LOL. How’d ya find this shit Prolly? You were browsing for some BR gear right? We know you were. Don’t lie!

  • bahaha…i think i just threw up.

  • “You don’t know me.”

  • Julian M.

    sooooooo gay.


    “I think its lame to be friends with people out of obligation”

    I often use the tactic of making fun of a girls shitty friends in an attempt to pick her up. And I, much like that guy in this scene, also end up biking home alone in the dark.


    The best part of this entire video is that they are wearing book bags to ride…
    book bags suck to ride with, they move around, make you unbalanced, and all of these people cover their hip with them which blows for mobility. Thanks BR for perpetuating a dumb idea.

  • Ryan

    i felt like i was watching a dirtier version of the Hills, but with bikes and worse acting.

  • dstr

    it’s not a film by BR, but an independent film in what appears to be a contest with the one stipulation that it be “inspired” by the BR Fall collection, but also to revolve around the “city.” not trying to support BR, but if i made films I’d jump on small opportunities like this. yeah, the film is dumb, but i wouldn’t say it was a BR film. i’ve seen worse on this blog. get over it.

  • Lian

    I’ve read this blog for a while, but I had to say something about this/comments. For one, you can see the divide between people who post here and ride with a messenger bag the 2-3 miles to work on a fixed gear and assume they can repel this sort of stereotypical vignette in this BR short film, however, how many people who ride fixed gears today descend from a 10 spd peugeot from the 1990s that they’ve named with 27inch wheels and plastic benotto bar wrap? Eventually that becomes a conversion, you buy a chrome bag on craigslist then your officially inducted into this circle that returns to bash kids like that goth girl and this idiot in this short film who no doubt will be just like you and I in about 5-6 months. Yah this movie is stupid, but only because you can tell it clearly wasn’t made by someone in the “fixed-gear” crowd, and in that sense we are damning it to hell. The problem is, the fixed gear crowd isn’t conducive to you being invited in and helped, unlike road riding where shops will help you and groups are more than willing to teach you all that they know. Just my two cents, but there’s no need to sit on your high throne when you have your peugeot conversions and early iro’s still stashed in your closet.

  • I think it differs City to City. NYC has a great community of cyclists. Messengers hang out with City bikers, polo players hang out with trick kids, “get faster” kids get beers with messengers, etc. There isn’t a great schism.

    In the 5 years I’ve been riding fixed here in NYC, I don’t think I’ve ever had someone say “NAH MAN! you can’t ride with us”. That goes for road rides, ‘trick’ rides, training rides, pace lines in the park or whatever.

    To be clear, I didn’t post this video to pick on the kid’s 10 speed. I posted it because it was really awkward and funny! Like a Ben Stiller movie.

  • ladytron

    ive been on plenty of midnightridazz rides and i can honestly say we have never denied anyone for riding with us i am actually offended by this video.


    I for one am glad it doesn’t center around fixed gear riders. I miss my old “10 spd peugeot from the 1990s that they’ve named with 27inch wheels and plastic benotto bar wrap.” There is no spotlight on old ass steel roadbikes.

  • Cycling in sacramento is essentially the same…with most all parties getting along/mingling. My comment on the video was directed at the shoddy dialogue, not so suave acting and overall generic feel it has to it. There is little to this video that has to do with fixed gears aside from some background props.

  • anonymous

    With all the post-ironic hipsterism that’s floating around I’m going to assume that everything in the video is a joke. It’s too perfectly written, it’s like the writer just took a Bikesnob “Missed Connections” post and turned it into a miniseries.

    And as far as the bike thing goes I’d just echo Prolly. The only douches that do that sort of elitist thing are the same people that are taking dodgeball way too seriously at the Pool Parties.

  • jd

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAHAH “hey… you want to listen to some music” LOL sooo lame, son

  • delco douchebag

    thats some fagotry shit there

  • dre

    “i’d rather hang out with elliott smith most of the time, you know?”
    “yeah, his mural on sunset blvd was the first thing i saw when i got here. it’s amazing.”


  • steveisskinny

    some people need to chill out on the homophobic comments.

    the video is an embarrassment for bikers but calling something gay or fagotry shit just perpetuates people’s negative view on homosexuality.

    sorry for posting this lecture, but i feel if i just let this shit pass then i’m only contributing to the problem.

  • Dont.Catch.Aids

    brought to you by Banana Hammock!

  • TJ

    Best comment on this from The Come Up*:

    “i must be way more baked than i thought i was cause there is no way anyone would make what i just saw”

    *TCU = /b/ for bikes

  • Bicykiller

    There’s a remake of this floating around.
    It’s MUCH better.