All-City Dropout Freestyle Frame Aug 17, 2009

Jeff at All-City gave me the heads up on their new trick bike called the Dropout. It’s got 990 mounts, is constructed of 4130, has an integrated headset, a 400mm atc fork and will clear bigger tires. Seems like he learned his lesson from watching Milwaukee’s Bruiser get ripped off, so he’s holding back on the Geo sheet. Looks good man. I wanna see some spy pics! Email me! I promise not to show anyone.

Keep watch at the All-City blog for future details as events warrant.

  • Its funny, and I think that you’ve pointed it out before, but these trick frames are looking more and more like early 90’s MTN bikes. Long top tubes, steep headtube angles, and slowly shortening seat tubes. Quality competition is a good thing and I hope that they add another quality frame into the mix

  • jonnyneedledick

    eff those god damn break studs… jeeeeeeeeeezus. its the one thing that stops me from getting a bruiser and its the one thing that’ll stop me from getting one of these.

    sorry to be negative… i just have to vent


    personally have been waiting a while for this post to happen. I love all-city’s work that they do. This right here looks excellent. Hope its as solid as it seems.

  • Carl Lucas

    Yeah, these new trick frames do remind me of mountainbikes of old and those fit 700c wheels if you felt like it. Thats why I’m using an old schwinn cimmaron for my next project. Oh and if you don’t like break studs cut them off.

  • jonnyneedledick

    then you have a nasty ass fork with holes in it.

  • john

    loosenutswheels, that’s because they are basically scaled up bmx frames. i’m surprised no one is using mid bb’s on these trick frames.

  • Carl Lucas

    No, Actually if you cut the break studs off there wont be any holes because they are welded on to the fork after the fork is already completed, but not painted. If anything you would worry more about two little spots without paint.

  • John, I fully understand that– I’ve got a Bruiser on the way. What would the advantages of a mid-BB be?

  • nottobeadick
    “We sweat the details…”

    Not to be a dick, but the All City stuff is just off the shelf Taiwan catalog parts.

    And, “ripping” off geo is a joke. You didn’t invent anything. Add to that, did you invent one piece machined steer tubes? Removable brake mounts? Threaded BB shell? 400 a2c? No you “ripped” it off from other manufacturers.

  • When a company takes our geometry sheet, the exact one and sends it to China to get fabricated out of high-tensile steel, that’s a rip-off. I wrote Airwalk FG and asked them for the geometry of the frame. They sent me the exact MKE geo sheet. It still had our water mark!

    Get your facts straight.

  • Milwaukee is the rip off

    Whose really ripping off the people….I think Milwaukee is. They wanted what $799 for their frame and fork, they’re just butt hurt that someone made it actually affordable.

  • uhhh you mean $489, any color and a lifetime warranty…

    Where the fuck did you get $799? CLOWN!

    Those piece of shit Airwalk bikes are made from high-tensile steel. You get what you pay for. People are already breaking them!

  • All of my comments had nothing to do with the All City bike and were directed at the Airwalk fixed gears.