Aarn: 42th Chainring Prototype Aug 3, 2009

When I was in Boston this weekend, I got to see a large warehouse space housing a number of designers and creative offices. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a collective design environment. Fashion, photography, industrial and graphic design. Sometimes being around professionals only in your field is limiting.

Zack from OPEN told me about “this guy designing these chainrings” as he pointed to some stainless desks and dual monitors. Come to find out, it was Aarn’s studio space. Random.

Here are some shots of his ring and be sure to read up about the process and follow his work at his Tublr site.

  • haha. i figured i’d skip over the ring because it was pretty early in the process and pretty unfinished. i give it a year and you’ll move to boston to join in on this fun.

  • I give it a year till you and yours move to NYC!

  • Al

    Do any of these designers have an engineering degree? Were they thinking about strength and weight, or is this just meant to look pretty?

  • Solidworks does wonders. Aaron does indeed have an engineering / i.d. background too…

  • thanks, john. yeah, i have a degree in electrical and mechanical engineering and work as a systems design engineer for a small company. like i said in my blog entry, this was just for fun, but products that i have worked on with marty of geekhouse have undergone some FEA, and also are comparable in weight to the non-custom components that he has used in the past. this prototype is not very refined, it’s just something that i had made so i could check out the tooth pattern. i do not release anything to the public until it has undergone sufficient testing and analysis for safety and durability. as designed, in 6061 aluminum, this chainring weighs 80g/2.8oz (45t 144BCD dura ace is 82g, according to benscycle).