WRAHW Jul 27, 2009

pic by Laali

Torey is using his new-found free time to start a blog which he calls “WRAHW“; It’s pronounced “Raw” before you ask. One of his first features is an interview with Tyler Johnson. It’s pretty in-depth too so be sure you read it. I found this interesting in particular:

On your Myspace you have the statement, “I ride track bikes not 700CMX”. Do you think that the term 700CMX is odd? What would you name all of this, which we do, if you had the choice?

No that is just my little joke. I am not into the look of 700cmx bikes at all. I think that it is great that companies are taking an interest into our riding etc, but for me I do not want to ride a mtn bike that is fixed.. I think by now I have proven the extra beefiness is not truly needed. I ride an aluminum frame and carbon fork and I love it.

As for the term 700cmx I think it is ingenious. I also like the term fixed freestyle. It fits and makes sense.

I think that’s good and all man, but the main difference between the materials are their points of tolerance for catastrophic failure. Steel will crack and you’ll be able to tell in time to replace the frame or fork. Aluminum and Carbon fail catastrophically, giving no warning. All that stands between your face and the ground sometimes is a split second.

There’s a reason why BMXs aren’t made from Ti, Alloy or Carbon…

I’m personally blown away that your Trek has lasted you that long. That being said though, it seems like you’ve only recently begun to really leave the ground (although I can’t really say, since I’m just basing this comment off BLS and other footage) and that could have something to do with the cracked frame. As you and the sport progresses, I think we’ll see a switch to steel. Once you begin doing wallrides and big-ass 180’s off kickers, the materials will begin to fail.

Anyway, kind of a side-note. I think Tyler is one of the hardest riders out there and I’ll be interested to see how his future bikes hold up to his abuse. This post is in no way an attack at him because I’d love to be able to land some of the amazingly techy lines he pulls one day.

What do you guys think?

Keep ripping man and Torey, nice job!

Edit: Just realized I didn’t actually link your blog Torey, sorry!

  • Drew

    I think it’s hilarious that people still refer to the “beefier” bikes as MTB bikes. A lot of the trick bikes coming out would be just as comfortable on the velodrome as the half pipe. It doesn’t go the other way too often.
    Maybe the new term should be “single track”.

  • I agree. The Bruiser has a steeper head tube angle and a higher bottom-bracket than what most people have on their “track bike”. Even if you have a “track bike” and you do tricks on it, once you put BMX cranks on it, mtb handlebars and other components, it becomes a fixed gear.

  • Robbie

    I agree with Tylor when it comes to the aesthetics of tarckMX bikes. When it comes to durability though, especially with the about of abuse frames/components go through during those kinds of tricks, steel is going to hold up the best, that isn’t in question. I ride an aluminum frame/carbon fork, and Ill mess around once and a while, however you will never see me doing anything to his extent.

  • sean

    man i can fucking attest to the aluminum catastrophic failure. fork then a frame within a month.

  • dang i didnt know that was the work of torey…
    cool shit.

    ‘keep Hf’n that widow…lol

  • newman

    steel is real, and woundup forks are real too. i had a steep 29er and i traded it in for a cross frame cause i never rode that thing. too much bike for most applications besides fixed mountain biking. which you could mostly do on a fixed cross bike anyway. keep bikes sexy, not brutal.

  • I agree with what you say 100 % but…

    I have pretty much always been doing air tricks. The first best trick I won was a bunnyhop into the wall of death. Also, along with that, I try to not film me just doing air bmx style tricks. I am by no means saying that I am not bmx influenced because we all are. I also do bmx tricks on my track bike, but I try to keep progressing which I think, for my style, is blending bmx tricks with track bike specific things. That is partly why you haven’t seen me doing anything super BMX inspired really (though there are a few skatepark things that have been filmed).

    Another side note is I have done at least as big of a drop/air as anyone, except that kid on Death Pedal hahahah. My frame has held up great.

    I totally know what you are saying with the catastrophic failure, and those are definitely legit points. I can’t defend against it. But I like riding what I ride, and I will continue to do so. To each their own right?

    Thanks for the review.


  • tyler johnson

    Also I forgot, My frame has been cracked since before we started filming for The Revival. Everything you see since like February is on a cracked frame.

  • The knowledge is there but the willingness to change is not… and no sort of convincing is possible. I wouldn’t recommend debating Tyler about bigger tires (even a rando!) ether.

  • LuLz

    Two words:


  • tyler johnson

    O Taylor knows I will only run a 23c. hahahahahah :D