Wall Ride by Ed Glazar Jul 17, 2009

Ed Glazar and I met up in Greenpoint tonight to shoot this wall ride spot. I hit it at least 50 times and I’m in pain. He liked this one the best. The sky and composition is fucking great, but we all knew Ed was the man already!

  • That is an amazing photo.

  • siqqmoshbro

    sickk. you look like your about to shart yourself.

  • chris b.

    Good work! Saw you guys shooting there last night. I’ve eyed the walls in that general area for a few years as a potential spot for wall rides, but never tried anything, mostly because I don’t have the talent. There’s a ton of shit around there that I’ve never seen anyone hitting. I think you could only do it on a bike because of how decayed the concrete is.

  • tyler johnson

    This pic rocks. Nice.