Urban Outfitters F41L? Jul 8, 2009

Ok, that’s it. I quit…. Seriously? I mean. It’s kind of cool that “fixies” will be accessible and I’m GLAD they come with brakes. Just seems like all this snowballed so fast. But at the end of the day, bike culture is more important than car culture and people are going to, for the first time ever, ride a bike because it’s cool and because it’s transportation. That’s what’s most important. The cooler it is, or hipper, to ride bikes, the better off we’ll all be!

Here’s the interface for designing your bike at Urban Outfitters. Read up on Republic Bikes here.

thanks T-Bone!

  • jman

    why are you glad they come with brakes?

  • Because man, let’s face it. A lot of people don’t know how to operate a brakeless fixed gear.

    Also, before you say it, I’ve been riding for a few years and have never ever been put in the situation on my bike where a brake would have “saved my ass” or someone else’s. I can control my bike fine.

    That being said, a lot of people cannot.

  • blair

    i’m certainly no more stoked about urban outfitters offering a bike than i am about republic bike custom-assembling baby’s first fixie. but it’s the curse of the human condition, right? we all want so bad to have something that’s ours and nobody else’s. we need to be fringe in some way or we feel like a lemming. it wasn’t easy for me to watch city-rode track bikes blow up 10 years ago or to watch “fixie freestyle” blow up 5 years ago. just like it wasn’t easy to watch street BMX blow up 20 years ago. anything that you’ve been doing for a long time is going to sting when the masses get hold of, and inevitably, pervert it. but you ride it out (heh, so to speak), and it usually ends up all good. look at BMX now. it’s one of the sickest things on two wheels. but it took a while to get there, and it took a lot of just ignoring the passing dabblers.

    it’s like you said, the bottom line is getting more asses in more saddles. the posers will fade away and we might end up living in a country where our car/bike ratio is a little more realistic.

    till then, we all just ride on.

  • Brendan

    Man I guess Republic Bikes finally came full circle to the hipster scene that sees fixed as just an accessory. These guys are based out of Daytona Beach, FL. These kids are going to be pissed when they try to wheelie and the wheel explodes

  • Republic Bikes are based out of Dania Beach Florida. Not Daytona. They are also the same company that make Citizen Bikes. I was over at their warehouse a few days ago. I spoke with Avery. And he showed me around. In my opinion. I am not and have never been that impressed with them. The price is great. But I feel that Republic selling to Urban Outfitters is one step away from selling to Target and Sports Authority. They see a nich to cash in on a trend. Just my thoughts.

  • erik

    Schrader valves are so hot right now.

  • And people will learn exactly how crappy high-ten steel is.

  • Coastkiller

    Urban outfitters is the trend-store, if you cant see that travel to california for a bit. Its great seeing more people riding bikes, but to bad people can’t get into bikes on there own instead of going with the trend. I dont even ride a fixed gear and i think its stupid for urban outfitters to be pedaling that mush

  • Yeah, I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where “trends” are born and die…

  • I’m honestly surprised it took UO this long to do this. But, hey, maybe it will get more people actually riding.

  • OK.
    I don’t get it.

    you can read the blog post here… http://dluxstudios.com I totally vented in your comments… and realized it belonged in my own blahrg.

    urban outfitters fail for sure. Good looks on being so supportive of people on bicicletas.

  • Dr. No

    Photoshop disaster on the handle bars

  • Edward Scoble

    heavy steel piped Unipack with weak and inferior component, beward!


  • whodevil

    So what if someone gets into a bikes because of a trend, they are still on a bike, especially if they stick with it. I find it confusing when people go on about hipster this hipster that, maybe I’ve just been living in a social cave. I also agree with prolly about the break thing.

  • Jon,
    Way to think this one through. I’m actually quite pleased to see you admitting that this is a good thing. I’m just another “love my bike and love that it’s brakeless and entirely custom and mine” asshole, but I fully agree: the more butts in saddles (for whatever reason) the better. Thanks for painting this one in a positive light.

  • yosh

    As someone who rides fixed in the hinterlands of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I can assure that fixed gear bikes are not (yet) a massive fad sweeping the nation. With a nice bike trail right in town here, we’ve got plenty of people on cycles, but I know of only three or four other fixe fiends in town.

    And, yeah, more asses in saddles is a good thing. For bike advocacy and for the bike industry. These are probably better than those POS wal-mart bikes.

  • That’s just it though. UO brings “trends” to the unknowing…

  • toms

    word is wal-mart and target have plans for a fixie

  • whodevil

    “These are probably better than those POS wal-mart bikes.”


  • beine

    Republic Bikes has been around for a little while and they still havent shaped up their shit. Kids at my school would always ask where to go to get a frame, I would tell them someone legit, and I’d see them a week later with a republic bike because its cheap, less that great quality, and you can accessorize the shit out of them. They’ve been selling to hipsters for a while so now they’ve just stepped it up by selling to the hipster mothership thats called urban outfitters.

  • maybe it’ll have a guitar hero effect: people may start picking up cycling as a lifestyle after this POS bike. of course, urban outfitters is a disgrace to all mankind, but hey- once all those bikes start breaking maybe all those hipsters will sue urban outfitters and put them out of business. how’s that for positive thinking?

    ps, high-ten steel? might as well buy a walmart bike.

  • umm, can you help me out with the Guitar Hero analogy?

  • vin-E

    Whoa…. are those gusseted downtubes?? I’m in for sure!!!

  • No gusset, just a reflection


    My dad’s trucking company shipping Urban Outfitter’s gear around the west coast keeps food on the table at my house so alls i am going to say is, Hells to the yes! Another product to help my dad bring home the bacon.


    i ride fixed cuz i dont care what people think. I think its cool that people wanna ride fixies but at the same time ride them cuz you want to.. not becuz you think youll be cool. Plus alotta people hate. Dont listen to what posers say.

  • SuprPhraek

    I was riding with a few of my buddies the other day and we decided to stop off at Nations and grab some grub. Some girl goes by with the brightest Barney-colored scheme I’ve ever seen, and after 10 minutes (though she was across the street) made it over to us. Seeing as she’s standing 5 feet away and staring at us we kinda had to talk to her, and the first words out of her mouth were “hey, so uh, you guys ride fixed?” followed by “Do you do group rides?” The following 5 minutes was probably the most awkwardly quiet conversation ever, I felt kinda bad when she left, but we’re not really into moseying about town and I’m sure we would have left her in the dust. We kinda laughed a bit just trying to make sense of the bike and why someone would buy it, and for months we’ve been saying Urban Outfitters is going to come out with a bike, only to come home last night to shit post. Life has a funny way of turning things around on you.

    I do appreciate that UO is putting kids on bikes, but at the same time I feel really bad for the ones who will walk up like that and get torn to shreds by the asshole riders out there, or at least the people who have a bit of sense in their heads. Props on brakes for the unknowing “trendies” though

    P.s. – Baby’s First Fixie ftw hahah

  • Robin

    MASSIVE FAIL, Urban outfitter “FALL OFF”…

  • ahuman

    ^ WOW, I can not beleive how important you think you are. You will never get it.

  • as little as 5 years ago urban was selling schwinn stingray reproductions, complete with banana seats & sissy bars. . .

    at the end of the day, a bike is just a bike. if this gets people hooked on cycling in bigger ways, awesome. although i feel you really have to be a ‘bike person’ at heart to graduate past ‘babys first fixie’ anyway.

    people have to start out somewhere, right?

  • riot_hero

    I see so many correlations with bike scenes as I do with the motorcycle scene. I have a street and track bike and like to race the track bike. Some of the purists HATE the punk kid’s who get supersport bikes and stunt them on the street. These bikes were stripped down of all the aerodynamic parts, have ridiculous gearing, had moto-x bars added and various other mods that ruined their track/speed potential to make them more stunt worthy. The funny thing is when companies caught on to this trend they started making factory street fighters and the stunter crowd intern hated this. They saw it as a rip off of their niche even though they forgot their roots. It’s like things always go full circle.

    I think really the only people who have a valid complaint about how someone else spends their money if at all, would be the people using their track bikes on the track as they were designed to be used.

  • Scultzie

    Maybe in 1 year eBay will be flooded with these things after the UO late-adopters decide to upgrade, further inflating the entry-level price point for ‘legit’ manufacturers’ single speeds, making Steamrollers, Pistas, Rush Hours et al. have craigslist resale values like a Honda Accord. Everybody wins!
    I’m not going to belittle quality componentry and framesets, but you’re taking a $400-500 leap between a hi-ten Cutter/Draft/Republic and those ‘legit’ rides. At the end of the day you have to look in the mirror and feel it was money well spent, and everyone’s got different standards for that. I bought a Cutter for $299 late last year at my LBO, I’ve replaced the rear tire, swapped out the 18t freewheel for a 16t one, been putting 20 NYC commuting miles on it daily, and I’ve got to say my ownership experience hasn’t suggested I’ve had $400-500 less fun than the other guy…

  • erock

    Here’s a couple of fun facts:

    1. Republic bikes look a lot better in their pictures.

    I have a friend that bought one. First off, the frames are made out of a low-grade steel, the wheels are a deep-v knock off that come with these heinus tubes (shrader valve) that are nearly impossible to find replacements for, and though the crank set is alright, the pedals look like they came off a wal-mart bike and don’t come with traps. For less money you can find a WAY better bike from bikesdirect.com. Republic is just exploiting the fact that these new riders are unfortunately ill-informed and a little too concerned with the color scheme of their bike.

    2. The founder/owner of UO Richard Haynes was a big supporter of the Yes On Prop 8 campaign, and has also contributed to various other right-wing causes. I know this has nothing to do with bikes, but I just thought I’d throw that in there.

  • gnarpepe

    more cute girls on fixed gears! :D

  • Edward Scoble

    They’ve been around in London for age, it’s not uncommon to see those bike broken or lying around without chain (the first thing to break), I’m surprise at Urban Outfitter to sell an very very badly made bike.

    put it this way – you can easily bend the fork, it doesn’t take that much effort at all with your hand.

    (they’re known as Unipack in the UK, they tend to be made for reseller).

  • Philipp

    For guuys from Europe i started a Petition for the shipping http://act.ly/8m

  • Is it just me or are those bars doing the shoulder lean?

  • Scott

    Why can’t we all just get a longboard.

  • Taylorr

    People think that riding a brake less bike is dangerous, but that’s only if you don’t know how to ride a bike. Also if you say fixie bikes are bad then you dont know how to ride them.

  • jeremy from daytona

    seriously who fucking cares its A BIKE. i would take it as a good thing that people are more turned on to riding bicycles. i think well have to worry if a fixed gear bike game hits xbox. its not like people who ride bmx are grumbling about wal-mart selling mass produced mongooses.its a trend so what, i bet you all wear tight jeans and we all know that was so 2003 when we used to shoplift girls jeans from the fucking gap why dont you find something better to bitch about like foriegn policy and the fact that unemployment is the highest its been since the fucking great depression. thats punk not fucking bikes.