Until the Light Takes Us… Again Jul 27, 2009

I first posted the trailer to this Black Metal documentary a while back on the old URL and thanks to JD, I can now post the updated Trailer. Complete with probably the best Burzum song ever as the soundtrack.

In 1991, Norwegian churches started to burn down, just after an underground circle of metal musicians had formed. The film reveals the true story behind the music, murders, and church burnings, and shows what happened to these young men, who tried to change the world using music, art, and violence. Ultimately, they lost control of what they had created.

Read up more over at the Until the Light Takes Us website!

If you’re in SF and would like to see it. Make sure you catch it over at the Roxie Theater from July 31st – August 6th.

  • kc

    hey bud you do realize burzum are nazis right?

    or at least varg vikernes is a nazi and i understand that he no longer uses the term nazi but being a nationalist that believes in “racial purity” makes you a nazi (and an asshole) whether you say it or not. just wondering if you were aware?

  • The best Burzum album is Filosofem and that was before Varg’s conversion. Years before it and it’s the only album I listen to…

    A lot of Black Metal, at least the older bands, are into Nationalism, which is different than Facism just so you know. I don’t associate with Facist bands. Varg lost his mind when he went to jail and is a total nut job now.

  • hfwido

    John, if you ever get this film in your hands, i will come over and watch with you. This looks dope.

  • kc

    just so we are clear i wasnt trying to imply that you are in anyway a nazi or a fascist. really no offense to you at all.

  • its all good homie!

  • tyson

    do you have any release dates anywhere else for this? or just SF?

  • jd

    the director talked about how varg has kinda grown out of his nazi stage, and how he played WOW with varg from prison:)

  • duppy f

    I think it’s pretty hard to look past the racist / nationalist / homophobic aspect of BM. Besides all the openly fascist Eastern European stuff, all the norwegians have been wrapped up in it from day, from the Darkthrone “obvious Jewish tendencies” to whatshisname from Emperor killing a gay man.

    I think the phenomenon of BM is pretty interesting, in the same way that any group of extremists are interesting, but I’ve never been able to understand why a bunch of multicultural, liberal, progressive types are so attracted to a bunch of people who want to live in the middle ages.

  • BetterThanYou

    look at the link. It has already played most cities.

  • Truth-sayer

    Burzum is not “nazi,” you dumb fuck. I can only assume that you’re an American.

  • LuLz!

  • I got to see it over the weekend & I liked it a lot, but I agree with this review of the Chicago screening: http://kl.am/1LSb

  • Wolfbite

    in response to the very first post.. first off you obviously know nothing about Burzum or at the very least black metal itself. Firstly Burzum is a one piece solo project, therefore burzum can’t be “nazis” since there is only one. And he wasn’t a literal nazi, he was a nationalist and a racial purist. Although i don’t agree with most of his ideas and philosphies, burzum’s albums are fuckin epic. The ambient electronic albums arent as great, but they’re still good. Hail Odin.