Ulock Justice? Jul 21, 2009

Very unnecessary. I’m not sure what happened, but taking a ulock to someone’s face and head is way over the line. Seriously?

A car is one thing, but a person’s face? From the Youtube page it seems as if the cyclist ran into the Asian man in the cross-walk. The Asian man tried to pick a fight with the cyclist and the cyclist just lays it out on him. Wow.

This video was uploaded Sunday and I’m sure it’ll make the rounds soon enough.

“i made a pit stop in a starbucks somewhere on the lower east side and i saw this bike messenger and an old asian guy getting into a fight because they ran into each other at the intersection. the old guy just wouldn’t leave the bike dude alone, so the bike dude totally let him have it, POW! KRYPTONITE LOCK TO THE FACE LIKE 3 OR 4 TIMES! Dudes face was actually bleeding hard core for like the next 20 minutes, but i bounced soon after. Crazy, and oddly enough the very next day i saw another fight in the street between two women and titties were flyin in that one, unfortunately i did not have the camera, bummer. Enjoy.”

  • jd

    wow that made my stomach hurt, i dont understand how some one could do that to some one

  • hustlejr

    He defintely went over board. Once would of been somewhat acceptable if the guy was actually attacking him.

    You’ll notice he hits him in the side once then the head then he steps back and attacks the guy again and hits him 4 more times.

  • Yeah, the youtube video says the cyclist hit the old man in the cross walk and the old man wouldn’t leave him alone. Resolution? RIDE AWAY! The old dude didn’t pull a gun / knife / bat / needle with swine flu on him. Dude’s a massive cunt for hitting the guy in the face with his lock like that.

  • hustlejr

    Oh shit, I just watched it again and the Asian dude doesn’t even start the fight. Just before they go out of the shot you see the biker grab his U-lock and then start hitting the guy.

    Maybe the guy was yelling at him (although it sure doesn’t sound like it) but he never physically hit him, barely even touched him!

    That biker is a fucking prick!

  • Jun

    I would like to know what happened before…
    Though I’d do the same to cabbies for sure!

  • Tron

    I really hope this makes it onto some news pages so I can read all the motorists comments about running cyclists over

  • Theres nothing wrong with that if he didnt wanna get hit in the face he should have walked away. Tough break learn how to avoid being hit in the face you dumb ass.

  • Kanta

    A ulock though? It was dumb of the guy to try and pick a fight, but to try and murder him with your ulock is ridiculous. The guy could have been seriously injured, and for what? People need to stop being so goddamn violent when it comes to things like that. I’m not telling everyone to go outside and be a pussy about everything, but taking a bike lock to the face is crossing the line.

  • Cameron, he hit the old guy in the face with a piece of steel. A fucking u-lock! I doubt the old guy suspected that. If you watch the video, he was just talking to the cyclist. The rider should just gotten on his bike and ridden away.

    If that was your dad / grandpa who got hit, you’d be pissed I’m sure!

  • AprilDee

    I don’t want to seem like I’m justifying this violence, but this is kind of why I carry a u-lock even if I’m just putting my bike in the back at work. The difference here is I’m a girl that doesn’t know how to fight and there are some shady people on the planet. I ride through the projects most days on my way home. Krypto lock won’t save me from a bullet, but it will save me in a pinch if I am attacked.

    All in all, this kid went a little overboard. Don’t bring a gun to a knife fight, don’t bring a krypto lock to a fist fight.

  • Yeah, way over the line. Even if the old guy didn’t have the right of way (which it looks like he did based on the flow of traffic in the first few seconds of the video) this was a retarded response from the cyclist.

  • jkelley

    learn to fight with your hands, it’s okay i know you might get hit back but that’s life. Cyclist was out of line no matter how you look at it. old man with no weapon then ride off, or fight like a man. U locks are for cars and fucks with weapons, not old men you run into.

  • wilis

    Being a messenger or a cyclist that rides a lot in the city you learn how to brush this type of thing off. Conflict happens ride away. Keep your momentum going.I get the impression that this is a new jack that had a bad day. I hope one of his friends see’s this and checks him. Not down with this at all.

  • god damn. some people need to read their employee handbooks more closely, i’m sure that is outside of company policy. if anyone knows / sees that kid, please throw a stick in his spokes for me and smile.

  • that’s so fucked…

  • DUDE, I’ve thought about hitting cars before when they cut me off but hitting a person? That’s a great way to go to jail.
    No matter what happened here, he didn’t need to defend himself that much, he’s giving a bad name to all cyclists. It’s important to stand your ground and get agro sometimes, but that was just overboard.

  • GSB

    What’s the biker carrying, a bag’a’dicks? Fuck that dude.

  • lady

    it’s hard to ride in the city offensively and not be overly defensive. riding next to drivers with the same mentality, you’re exposing yourself to every obstacle that could send you flying with one wrong move at a moments notice.
    in no way am i justifying this guys over-the-top behavior, but think about how easy it is to snap when you’re already in the frame of mind of trying to protect yourself. at one time or another, i think we’re all guilty of teaching drivers life’s hard lesson in the “u-lock to the car” example, however, sticking to this situation, there’s got to be something seriously wrong with him to take it that far.

  • iansmash

    I hope somebody U-locks this prick in the face next time there’s a confrontation

  • jonnyneedledick

    another self righteous douche on a bike.
    fight with your hands you fucking pussy.
    this is how shit gets escalated in a hurry and people die accidentally.

    ‘ oh no i didnt mean to kill you mr asian man, but my u lock inadvertantly cracked your skull…oops looks like its jail time for me….’

    fuck that punk kid

  • Matt

    This is insain… it’s assault, someone need to identify this guy and report him to the cops

    We want respect as a community, we have to bring this old man justice… imagine if that had been a tire iron that a driver had in his passenger seat.

  • Jeff

    That’s crazy. What’s more is no one stepped in to try to break it up. Or at least yell at the guy and tell him to stop.

  • That’s NYC for ya…

  • steve f.

    i wounder if the cyclist has seen this post.

  • The cyclist was 100% justified in what he did. Yes, he may have ran a light and bumped into the pedestrian, and he should apologize and whatever. But it’s SO OBVIOUS that he tried to walk away from the situation. This pedestrian, like so many others in this wonderful city, feels like it’s his duty to harass the cyclist.

    Watch the video. You can see the biker walking away with his bike and the man following him, harassing him. There are two distinct points where the biker is just trying to move away, and he’s followed.

    I support what the rider did 100%.

  • joao

    i really wish the old guy pressed charges and this video would f*ck that wanker biker really hard.

  • Oh, but uh, flipside of the coin:

    no idiot pedestrian is worth going to prison for. what the cyclist did in this video is definitely, definitely something you will go to prison for. not night-in-jail stuff, this is like year-in-lockup type situation.

  • Punching him woulda been ok. But a fucking 2 lb hunk of steel? I’ll say it again, if it were your dad / grandpa that got wacked, you’d be pissed.

  • nick

    from the sliver of view the video shows behind the payphone where it appears the fight starts, it looks as if the biker struck first- with a weapon. in my opinion this is never appropriate unless a person is at a severe disadvantage or in imminent danger of being trapped or harmed. neither seems to be the case.

    however in the heat of the moment with adrenaline pumping + confusion/emotion/fear/etc, it can be hard to think clearly and sometimes inappropriate reactions just happen.

  • Arrested in boston after getting hit by a car.

    fuck it, people fuck with people on bikes all the time, i got hit by a car and the owner came out screaming at me and fist fight occured…I, the one hit got arrested for assault with a deadly weapon because i knocked the dude out and his passenger said i kicked him. swing away man, swing away.

    city of sirens, we’re not compliant, this is violence.

  • hfwido

    This is fucking ridiculous, i really got sort of sick looking at that. Nothing that the old man could have done to the cyclist to deserve this…

    People are odd…

  • iansmash


    Are you serious?

    Verbal harassment is totally license to whack somebody in the dome with something equivalent of a ball peen hammer repeatedly, right? You’ve GOT to be kidding me. Guys that have that outlook, presumably you, are the reason that almost 15% of American males are incarcerated in prison.

    Too many shit-for-brains guys out there that are overly eager to jump into a fist fight because they can’t hold their own verbally and they don’t know when to walk away.

    Luckily the guy that swung on the old asian dude is a lousy shot and didn’t land a good one on him or he would have been dead in the street by the end of that video.

  • jPhil

    Like prolly and others said…

    It doesn’t matter if the cyclist was trying to get away or not…he still took a u-lock to a guy’s face. Imagine if he’d hit the guy in the cheekbone the right way. Shattered. Instantly. All the cyclist had to do was ride off or hit him a couple times with his fist. It’s not like the old asian man can run him down.

  • hfwido

    Looks like Adam22 follows your blog John, haha. He links to your site after sharing this post…


  • blair

    little simp probably beats his dog, too.

  • so the cyclist was “trying” to walk away…why didnt he? it really could have been that easy.

  • ALEX B.

    If it were me…..I definitely would not have used a u-lock..that’s pushing it. Just use your fists, cause the guy was unarmed and not a threat to the point where using a u lock is necessary. Or suck it up and just ride off…your alot faster…even if the guys following you..just pedal faster..lol.

  • Erin

    This sounds crazy but it i almost did this today myself. Guy grabbed my bike not knowing it was mine while i was about fifteen feet away and tried to ride away on it. So i ran after him and caught up, got the bike back and dude wanted to throw down. So i pulled out my u-lock which got him to back off. Mind you though this was a big drunk Indian not a little Asian dude. But to tell you the truth i wouldn’t have hit him unless he still came after me.

  • SmokeSignal

    I can’t tell what may have happened before the video starts but I can clearly tell that the dude could of just rode off at any point. Even when the the guy starts hitting the old man, the old guy doesn’t even strike back, WTF! If I was a bystander that douche would of found himself getting beaten with his own U-Lock. I hope someone is able to ID that perp, I doubt he’ll be all that though in Rykers Island. Even hitting a car is crossing the line. Pissing off someone in control of 2000+ lbs of death on wheels is never a good idea. I yell and fly the finger many times a day at stupid drivers, never seems to make a difference though.

  • William

    Seriously? I hope this “messenger” sees the video and has some serious regret. That was completely out of line. He’s an OLD A$$ dude … WTF?!
    I understand pedestrians can get in the way but there is a proper way to deal with them. How can you possibly expect the cycling movement to gain any traction when you have douchebags like that riding around.

  • jeq20

    “punching him woulda been ok?”

    why would you even say that? it’s pretty clear that the cyclist started the physical confrontation.

    im really hope this guy gets identified. he needs to go to jail. a u-lock on a person’s face is a deadly weapon.

  • jonnyneedledick

    sorry bankbank you illustrate exactly whats wrong with this mentality in your first post.
    words are words. fuck em. a hunk of forged steel is just that , a hunk of steel. if the old man had swung and hit him sure, i suppose he (newjack) could have hit back and what not. but simply being yelled at cussed out sworn at and whatever else the old man had said doesn’t in my mind equate to a reason to have your head cleaved open with a fucking mini sledge hammer.

    so in closing fuck this kid. track him down. and bitch slap the shit out of him. perhaps he can see the error in his ways and make an effort to wise the fuck up.


  • Jake

    I think all riders know what it is like to be treated badly on the road both by cars (especially cars) and pedestrians, but As most have said, this guy truly crossed the line, and Its actions like this that give cyclist a bad rap. Now, what used to be known as a form of defense with a Ulock may be dubbed a personal attack. ULocking a vehicle is something that a riders does to let the dick head driver that gets it know that he f’d up. But a ulock to a face, come one, youre making us look bad. And if the guy attacked you and you had to get physical, use your fists, push , or something more fair for the situation. Bad form for sure.

  • Disapproving

    This is just fucked up. He could have just ridden away. No need to break someone’s nose…

  • kg

    damn..this dude is a coward. that’s effing sad.. the aftermath of that video, the old man just looks super shakin’ up and in pain!!!!!!

  • dontcoast

    equal rights, equal fights.

    ulock may be an equalizer if scrawny cyclist gets jumped by massive trucker… but an old man? come on! walk away!

    and even if the old guy threw a punch (which doesnt seem to be the case at all), cant you freakin reply with your fist?

    i dont like the police but if this asshole cyclist gets whats coming to him i sure wont care.

    save the ulock for the mirrors of the suv that hits you

  • peewee malone


    Assault is assault.

    Saying that the old guy deserved it is the same as a rapist saying that a passed-out drunk girl at a party he violated was “asking for it”.

    Shit was wack, PERIOD (.)


    What a fucking fagot. First off learn how to stop your bike or get a brake. Secondly, how are you gonna hit old ass Mr.Miyagi in the head with a lock for walking like a normal pedestrian. That guy looks like he posses no threat to anyone. Of course he’s gonna yell at you if you run into his fucking side. Learn how to fight with your fists you scrawny fagot. I hope you get your fingers caught in a Chinese finger trap you shit head.

  • Tron

    The funniest part about this whole post is the comments on thecomeup compared to on here. Those comments kinda invalidate any negative fixed gear remarks from any bmxer ever for me.

  • wonka

    didnt that guy work for cyclehawk?


    Mr. Miyagi!

    ahahaha. I thought the same thing at first. I heard people in delco can’t stop their “fixies” either!

  • Hater69

    First of all everyone is making it out to sound like this guy that got hit is some elderly man. His hair isn’t white, it’s black, and he moves just fine maybe he’s older, but he sure as hell ain’t old.
    Second of all the cyclist tried to walk away. Someone following you like that when you try to leave is pretty much the first level in making something physical. Maybe he shouldn’t have gotten hit with a u-lock, but he should have gotten hit with something.
    Thirdly, the comments on learning how to stop your bike are completely without context.
    Finally, Prolly, you have a disclaimer about comments being approved, and how you don’t want to approve negative comments, maybe you shouldn’t approve comments with words like “faggot” in them.
    Just some food for thought.

  • typical hipster cornball..i wonder if this wouldve happened at myrtle/broadway?? mcdoofus hipster wouldve taken off and later bitched about the ‘gangsta wannabe’at the bodega. i hope you get hit by a bus

  • Dam, what the man on the bike did was 100% wrong. Something like that happen in SF a year ago. A white cyclist was riding his bike in the Richmond district and if you know, the Richmond district it is out by the beach away from downtown. There is nothing there expect for Asian gang that look like prep school kids (white collar shirts and black dress pants) and fog. Most people come from other states to go to school (ART SCHOOL) in SF and think the stereotypical way. They think the Point is really bad because off the project and blacks. Police patrol in the point all the time but you will never see cops in the Richmond. Well this cyclist was riding in the avenues (Richmond) and he cut a car off and the car got mad and cut him off. The cyclist got angry and took his ulock and hit the car a couple of time and stopped to figh, the guy in the car pulled over. The cyclist friend was 1/2 mile behind them and saw the whole thing. The middle age Asian man got out of the car and pulled a gun out and shit the cyclist and killed him then drove off.

    In today’s world you never know who you are messing with, people are broke, jobless and times are hard. Peoples stress levels are high, not knowing where next months mortgage or rent is coming from.

    People might look old or like a wimp but never judge a book by its cover.

    When the cyclist got cut off he should have left it as that. I was with Jason Clary riding n Oakland and he was doing a trick in the street and a scraper van pulled up, Jason was doing a trick in the street and the van honked Jason said fuck you and all these guys got out of the van, Jason rode off and left us there, I had to talk to them and they where ready to kick some ass.

    Just be careful!

  • Tron…

    Was just thinking about that. Inhumane to a point. Not the lot of them…but many of their comments are just asinine.

  • ay

    “Watch the video. You can see the biker walking away with his bike and the man following him, harassing him.”

    dude, he was on a bike, and in the beginning of the video you see him get off his bike and walk with the asian dude. if the cyclists was actually trying to avoid confrontation why the fuck didn’t he just ride away?

    i hate new york cyclists and pedestrians and drivers and starbucks drinkers and assholes who post youtube videos of gross violence and have the audacity to say “enjoy.”

    somehow i still love new york.

  • I need gearz for hillzzz.

    First thing:
    Really, BFD. Dude should haven’t fucked with that kid. As for going overboard, not even. Old dude shouldn’t tried to be a tough guy. You walk in front of me and try to talk shit I’m fucking U-Locking your wig piece till you back the fuck off.No Mercy. Up the punks. Lets call the Waaaaambulance.
    “i really got sort of sick looking at that” – lulz, you get sick looking at that?

  • Jan Eric Welch

    Let’s find this kid and beat his dick with u-locks for 5 hours straight. Stupid faggot little bitch.

  • Walrus

    damn poor old asian duder. i have no idea what the situation was, but hitting someone repeatedly in the head/face with a u-lock is way out of hand. i feel sorry for the old dude.

  • chris b.

    It’s a little tough to tell from the video, but it looks like the biker may have been pulling the ulock out before there was any physical confrontation from the Old Asian Dude, which opens the question up as to whether the OAD was acting in preemptive self defense or not. Seems like the biker might have been acting in a premeditated fashion. Fucked up. Is that a limited edition Summer’s Eve seat on his bike? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5MRn70UqjU

  • I am glad that most people seem to be against this type of free violence. I do carry a lock and unfortunately, I ve threaten people, but I ve never actually smashed it into someone s face 5 times like this.
    This scene is a bit crazy, as the biker doesnt even leave his bike. He’s hiting one hand, and it s kind of sad to watch this.

    Peace and love

  • Chairman of broken bikes

    I remembered 4 skaters jumped a kid from my neighborhood.Long story short I hit a kid with my u lock in the face because he had a weapon(skateboard) and three friends.I hit this kid once and he crumpled to the floor biggest mistake in a long time.Kryptonite makes a ugly sound when you hit someone.there is only one solution to confrontations like this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-XVCW95nHU

  • Hater69,

    I had to bulk-approve about 25 comments on my way out the door to work this morning. Last night I was bulk-approving them from my iPhone. Sorry if I missed a few words in there. Ultimately, I can’t catch / edit everything and luckily, I’ve only deleted one comment that was just absurd.

  • Aight guys, starting to get Russian spam comments, offerings of “increased semen” and “magic pills to increase size”…

    Closing the comments down.

    Ride SAFE!