TREE Lite Sprocket in Stock Jul 20, 2009

Milwaukee just got in a shipment of TREE Lite Splined sprockets. These are harder to get than just about any other modern BMX component and will solve your slipping-sprocket bolts problem if you’re riding BMX cranks on your fixed gears. Gettem fast, because they’ll disappear quick!

  • Matt

    How’s you BMX setup going?

  • AJ

    i’ve been running the 33t tree splined for about 2 weeks now and its by far the best set up i’ve had, not so great for grinds/stalls since the the wheels are so big it makes hard to even make contact with the sprocket.

    otherwise worth the money

  • hfwido

    What about eclats, or old 44t sprockets? The aesthetic look of the tree is not so appealing to me…. Im just curious about other options.

  • “Aesthetic look” is redundant. ;-)

    I dunno, as long as it’s a 48 spline, you should be able to run anything. I’m happy with the Krull + Sugino ring. Best set up with regards to aesthetics in my opinion.

    You also have to be able to get a smaller-tooth cog and lockring onto your hub. The smaller you go, the less lockring you have. In fact, not many companies make a 13t cog. I know Sugino made a limited run of them for Wbase and Milwaukee made a few… but they’re not readily available.

  • Golden Spoon

    Hard to find? DansComp has all sorts of sizes and colors in stock for about 20 bucks less than Milwaukee…

    And for the record, both Shimano and Surly make a 13t cog, in both 1/8 and 3/32. These cogs work fine with a standard lockring.

  • Highest Dans Comp goes is 30t. MKE has them 42t and 38t. I realized Surly and Shimano made 13t cogs right after I made that comment… my bad.