Threadless Bottom-Brackets Jul 27, 2009

Yes. You heard me right. Velo Orange has a nice posting giving us a sneak peek at a new product in development; a threadless bottom bracket. Have an old Swiss or French frame and having a hard time finding a bottom-bracket with the right threads? Don’t wanna fork out for a custom Phil? Or maybe your Cinelli’s threads are stripped. Well, this could be the answer.

From their blog post:

We’re going to try it on a few frames before ordering, but the quality looks great. The bearing are big sealed cartridges with serious weather seals. The body and cup are alloy with nice machining. The axle is chromo steel, but not hollow. As for the colors, we can have that changed; maybe lime green?

If all goes well we should see these arrive in about 3 months. The first shipment will probably be 107mm, 110mm, and 113mm lengths. We don’t have final pricing yet, but I would guess they will run around $75.

The reason why this is so interesting to me is because it was a simple idea, taken to a manufacturer to address a specific problem. Less than a month later, there’s a sample to be tested. If I had the resources, I’d be machining some stuff up as we speak!

Also, check out these awesome polished and eyeletted box-section VO rims!

  • Eric

    I went to change the bottom bracket of an old Peugot last year and ran into the problem of having a french threading. Sunlite has been making a threadless bb for years now and it solved my problem with twenty five dollars (admittedly with significantly less style and quality).

    even though it may not be completely original, this looks tight.

  • We’ve been all over this thing! Perfect solution for folks who are scared off by the cost of a Phil. Another great call by V.O. – as is the case for most of the things Chris & Tom do…

  • good to see, somebody is bringing back an idea mavic once had, but for some reason took out of production. i think the design is great, if you have an odd bb, like a freind of mine, this is a great solution.

  • nick

    dude, VO also makes a budget french bb. i have one in my peugeot and it words sooo good. i wonder if you can use this one without damaging threads that are still good…

  • jtalent

    YST used to make one that Harris sold, but it got yanked for poor quality. It required the BB shell be chamfered too, which a lot of shops don’t have the tool for.

    The Phil rings + UN52 solution is also popular for those who don’t want to spend the dough on the full Phil setup.

  • Matt

    I’ve been using a threadless bb after I striped the threads out on my dad’s old Gitan. I don’t know how long it will last though. Hopefully these will be much easier to obtain. They look high quality.

  • Carl Lucas

    I don’t think this is a new idea but maybe for track bikes it is. BMX bikes have been using threadless bottom brackets for a while now. I know it is easier to deal with threadless bottom brackets though.

  • seth

    I guess the ebay value of the Mavic BB I keep meaning to put up for auction is going to drop!

  • Whoever

    “Chris Kulczycki said…

    Just to be clear, we did not “come up with” or design this. A company engineer showed us the prototype and we loved it.

    7/10/09 2:48 PM”

    This statement, right there on the blog entry, directly contradicts your post.

  • I never said VO came up with the idea. READ!

  • I hope that they are capable of being fitted into bottom brackets of different widths. My Raleigh Twenty has a 76mm width bottom bracket shell, and the only two options are the Shimano UN72 (no longer made) and Phil Wood.