The Take Teasers Jul 23, 2009


Looks like Torey just got his Take in the mail. He’s posted a few pics, but build that thing up man! I wanna see the complete build. Are you going to paint it? See the rest of his pictures here.

The Take Streaker 700c
The Take’s Take

  • hfwido

    Nah, the raw is soooo sick! I like the welding burns on it! I took it to the local bike shop and the old roadies were like (in a southern drawl) “wooow thats niiice”, hahahaa!

  • iansmash

    I thought Torey rode for SE

  • lyb611

    that frame looks sick. keep it raw. through a review up after its been ridden a while. I wannaknow how much better it holds up than the SWORD


    what tires are on the bike in the photos on the take site?