The Revival Keep on Keepin’ On Jul 1, 2009

THE REVIVAL/KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

Mr. Briggs from Skitch just sent me an email with the new Revival trailer linked. Check out what Tom has to say about it!

Due to the trip being cancelled last month Wayne has taken it upon himself to create a short precurser video to the main video project. Basically the short video will be out in November and is title The Revival presents Keep On Keepin’ On. The project focuses on Seattle and Vancouver while the main Revival video that will be out early next year will be more broad and include both west coast and east coast riders. We were really bumbed about having to cancel the trip last month so suddenly and felt that it would be good if we put out something sooner rather than later and that’s where Keep On Keepin’ On came from.

Lookin good guys! Tyler, you’re a fucking maniac. MANIAC!

The Revival Tour is No More
the Revival

  • Benjamin

    seattle has some cool shit goin on

  • hfwido

    oh myyyy!!! At the 38 seconds, i seriously yell out at the screen! Tyler, you are doing a good job man, and from what ive heard, your part is going to be fire!

    I am so stoked on all of this. Nice.

  • hustlejr

    I’d recognize that street corner in the opening scene anywhere!

    Oh yeah. And ahhh, Tyler. You’re the best. Ever.

  • Rilez

    0:58 is insane too!
    Oh man!

  • Whattha!

    the typeface / intro is identical to empire. am i the only one who will say it?

    tricks look good but hard to see any kind of story and tylers just gonna steal the show. what i wanna see is a wonka, tyler and tom show down. even if wonka cant ride backwards

  • Thanks Everyone! I am super stoked to be a part of wayne’s project he is basically the nicest guy ever.

    Also…. Does no one like the Nosewheelie to 180 up a slanted manual pad? That was the hardest trick shown so far =P


    anywho thanks again!!! get excited this DVD is gonna destroy.

  • To be fair, the typeface is just a souped up Helvetica, which is what Macaframa used.

  • bubble

    go wayne this is goin to be nice

  • Whattha! I think you need to watch the film Helvetica.

    I was stoked from the first shot of this trailer – that’s the BMXer in me.