The ‘Dam Fixed Gear Jul 4, 2009

Rotterdam Fixed Gear from Blocter on Vimeo.

I spent a lot of time in Rotterdam back in 2004. Lovely city. I really really want to go back. It’s one of those cities in Northern Europe where I could see myself living at some point. Similar to Berlin, but different in the Architectural sense. The Nazis leveled most of Rotterdam, so there’s no “historical preservation”.

The result is a city with a skyline littered with MVRDV, UN Studio, OMA and other avant garde architectural masterpieces.

Anyway, there ALSO seems to be a growing fixed gear scene as well. Checkem’ out here at Rotterdam Fixed Gear.

  • Noir

    I love people like this, who are really active about their scene and getting stuff done. Amazing.

  • Sun

    Check out for some more fixed scenes in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.