The Bruisers Have Arrived! Jul 10, 2009

The Bruiser frames and forks just arrived! The first 5 are being sent to get painted ASAP!

You can still order a Bruiser frame here for $489 – Lifetime warranty. Rider developed and designed. Multiple colors available and one bad-ass bike!

*Edit: I forgot to mention, if you order a Bruiser fork in black now, it’ll ship out first thing…

  • oneangrytoast

    is the warranty posted anywhere?

  • ALSO! The Milwaukee BRUISER comes with a LIFETIME Warranty*… ABSOLUTELY can NOT get that anywhere else.

    *Lifetime Warranty
    • Applies to Original purchaser ONLY
    • Lifetime Warranty against Manufacturer defects
    • All Warranty submissions will be reviewed and are subject to the discretion of the MKE Bicycle Co.

  • oneangrytoast

    ah. i guess i should have clicked the “here” link, huh?

    well thx for the reply, and not being a dick about it =]

  • chris

    i want!

  • ben

    has anyone seen these frames set up as single speed? like the original 700cmx style? I wonder how well this frame would work as a rigid ss mountain bike . maybe with a front shock. what is the max size tire that can be fitted…38c?

  • I fit 42c tires on it. I’ll try to track down the Bruiser set up as a polo bike ok?