Stuttgart Merckx SLX Jul 14, 2009

So when I was in Stockholm I picked up this frame for a friend. Turns out, 8 months later, that it was just too big for him. My Merckx, in turn was a tad too small for me so we did what seemed logical and swapped!

  • Sean

    She’s a beaut!

  • Sooooo fresh!

  • wilis

    Sounds like a good problem to have bro…

  • ghostface krilla

    saw one of these made into a fixed gear’ on the bridge this morning, im not even a snob but even i knew it was wrong.

  • I’ve seen that. I offered to buy the frame off the guy. He was locking it up with a chunky chain and knocking the shit outta the SLX tubeset. This was last year…