Snakebit: Samuel Mockbee and the Rural Studio Jul 13, 2009

The late Sam Mockbee established the Rural Studio in 1993 along with fellow architect D. K. Ruth. Sam passed away in 2001 but the spirit of the Rural Studio lives on to this day. Snakebit is a documentary on Sam Mockbee and his Rural Studio.

Image via Bootsnall

The Rural Studio gained recognition for recycling materials into homes for the local population. One of the more famous examples is the Rural Studio community center which used old car windshields for the fenestration and façade.

  • dontcoast

    that look like real interesting stuff…

    i’m very interested in design that really keeps people and place in mind and uses locally available/recycled materials

    i look forward to seeing this, i wonder where it will be screened.

    thanks for pointing it out!

  • hustlejr

    Some of the stuff you post makes me want to be an architect SO BAD.

  • kylej

    oh word.
    my friend mike is starting there come this year.
    i just saw these images less than a month ago.
    a great thing from what i hear.
    in fact :[email protected]/3707246715/