RavenFeeders BFF edit Jul 2, 2009

RavenFeeders BFF edit from Jason Baker on Vimeo.

The Raven Feeders guys sent me this edit a bit back. They had hoped it’d be in the Bicycle Film Festival, so they didn’t want to put it online. When it didn’t make the cut, they uploaded it to Vimeo. Enjoy!

Filmed and edited during January/February of ’09 by Donny Hall. This edit was the shorter cut of an 18 min trailer made solely for the bicycle film fest. Since it’s filming the project has changed from a documentary focused around the College Station, Tx “Ravenfeeders” and now is a state wide trick video tentatively titled “Stick Yer Neck Out”.

Since this submission was not accepted by the BFF we’d like to share it. enjoy.

– Peru, Jeff, Clonts, Jesse, AJ
(raven feeders)

  • I legitimately enjoyed that. Sense of humor and sense of stupid goes a long way IMO.

    Also, I was taking a shot for every nose bonk…

  • josh

    easily one of my favorite videos from now on

    “its syrup on dem bikes its dividends dudes be stackin ridin all night”

    ..or atleast i think that’s what he said

  • tray

    Wait, so this was filmed like 6 months ago?

    I didnt see anyone 180ing 4 stairs back then…

    well done gents

  • Come back elliot!

  • “Don’t want no hoes to pop up pop off and get popped in the mouth”


  • hfwido

    “Wait, so this was filmed like 6 months ago?

    I didnt see anyone 180ing 4 stairs back then…”

    Sam Miller and Lamarche 180d stairs before everyone that i can think of, even six months ago… this was still a fun edit though.

  • I was 180’ing 3 stairs 6 months ago. Maybe longer. When I had my Gangsta Track.

  • sau

    camaraderie at its finest.

  • AJ

    that 4 stair is what i think cracked my bareknuckle at the seat stays… still was worth the fun though.

  • hustlejr

    I laughed more than once. The riding wasn’t THAT impressive but it was filmed a couple of months ago so I guess my standards are higher.

  • Ben

    Does anyone know the song for chris kluz (sp?) that begins at around 3:17, anyway, nice edit i really dig it.

  • jeff puckett

    Chris Clonts actually wrote that song himself.

    he doubles as a wheelie master aaaand singer song writer

  • ben

    I want it, how can i get it?

  • just ebay michael jacksons greatest hits, its track 4, the one after he touches a kid.