Profile + Krull + Stout Jul 8, 2009

Tomorrow I’ll hopefully be putting on my Profile race cranks with the Volume Krull and a Milwaukee Bicycle Co. Stout (130bcd / pcd)

We’ll see how I like it. Profile was kind enough to send me a new axle that’s shorter than their standard BMX axle. This should bring my Q-factor closer to the track numbers. I’ll still ride the sprocket bolt, to ensure that the splines won’t strip out too fast.

Even though I’m switching I can’t say nicer things about the SRAM Omniums. They’ve lasted me much longer than I thought they would have. While riding them, I’ve gapped a 9 set, hit multiple drops and long gaps. I thought for certain the external BB would pit out, but they’re bulletproof. I’m 220 lbs and like to go as big as I am able to. Somehow they’re still alive and kicking. In fact, I may be putting them on my girlfriend’s track bike. Cheers to you SRAM! Now make them in BLACK!

  • Ross

    i thought they did make em’ in black?

    says it a bit down the right side text. great to know how resilient these cranks are… however, i now must go out and purchase them

  • Not available to buy. They come with a bike (forgot which one)

  • use them to wash your shorts you dirty dirty man.

  • tdhk

    I don’t believe the Krull has provisions for mounting a “sprocket bolt” but if you can please show us how. I hope the axle works out as well! keep us informed.

  • I’m pretty sure you just need a longer sprocket bolt…

  • bigman

    Last time i checked the black omniums come on the 09 felt tk2. and also on the jamis sonik. idk the silver ones look a lot better to me. but i too also want black omniums on my bike. match the color scheme.

  • wangster

    the omniums come stock on Felt TK’s and complete Giant Omnium framesets as well as the Blue TR250

  • i like em. i didnt think they would hold up with the stout. no bends!


  • antihero1972

    I have Omniums in black actuall i have 3 sets in blk. really good cranks

  • can run the bolt korey from philly is running his.
    I seent it!

  • peru

    I have been running the profile cranks and bb spindle with a Tree Lite splined sprocket for a couple months now. It has no spot for a bolt so I cant run one, but I have never had an issue with the splined spindle stripping. And i’m a big guy too.

  • blah

    ^ tons of bmxers run that too without problems, though i guess they aren’t putting the same force on the splines.