Phil Wood ISO Track Hubs Update Jul 29, 2009


Well, here they are. Straight from the Phil Wood website via their Twitter account.

Our ISO track hub is now available! The front hub has a larger flange than our high-flange track hub, and the rear has 120mm spacing and in 32 or 36 spoke hole configurations. Provided with the rear hub are six Phil Cog retention bolts. They are Grade 8/Class 8.9 with a minimum tensile strength of 150,000 psi.

The hub is offered in a single-fixed, double-fixed, fixed-freewheel, and fixed-freewheel (White Industries freewheel-specific) configuration. Cogs are available only in 1/8″ and in 16-19 teeth. We strongly recommend using Phil ISO track cogs with our bolts due to bolt fitment.

These are currently not listed in our web store.

Please call us at (408) 298-1540 to order.

A rear, double-fixed ISO track hub.

Phil Wood ISO Track Hub?

  • christian

    so, are these the same cogs as those level track hubs?

  • Eric

    I gave a call for the price – $300 for the hub, $80 for the cog.

    Ouch. (I wish I were a richer man)

  • Golden Spoon

    No, these are ISO 6-bolt cogs, such as a TomiCog.