Phil Wood ISO Track Hub? Jul 23, 2009


Is this what Phil Wood was tweeting about yesterday?

“Good grief! Busy here at Phil. Sorry the tweeting has been sparse… The weekend should see new product on the website! ISO track hubs…”

  • jonnyneedledick

    interesting. between fgl,lyle v’s hubs and now phil’s
    it seems iso is coming into its own.

    now. lets debate the why’s.

    what is the advantage? less weight since you can mill off the lockring/cog threaded area?



  • Spencer

    ISO track hubs??

  • jonnyneedledick

    yup spence, a few have been around for a good amount of time already.

    though ive never quite seen the merit in them. not that i dont trust them i just want someone to actually explain the benefits of bolt on vs thread on.

  • REMspeedwagon

    My guess would be that it wouldn’t be as easy to strip one of these bolt-on cogs.

  • one major advantage would be ease of installation: no more stripped threads (unless you strip the threads on these bolts too)

  • NickBerry

    damn is that a flip flop too? look at the far flange, i think i see 6 more bolt holes. i’ll be pissed if thats the case…i got one already with campy flanges but not two iso mounts…

    and yeah this is definetly so you never bust a lockring and can switch ratio’s on the fly. being that its a phil hub you just need allen keys for the whole thing.

  • Rob

    I ran one of these last year (a Tomicog, later a London Fixie), and now Phil is jumping on the bandwagon. The biggest drawback for me was the fact that the smallest cog you can run is 16t.

  • Jeff

    I bet the axles are super strong too, for teh peg grindz.

  • dfl

    Looks like nothing more than a polished Vallie Components hub without the oversized axles and bearing collars. Kids are still going to snap them like twigs on grinds and icepicks.