NYC Will Swallow You Jul 22, 2009

Mike Martin has been in NYC this week preparing his new clothing line, Martin, for potential buyers. He invited Luke, Nate and me over to the showroom to check it out. Really great stuff at an affordable pricepoint. Looking forward to picking so up when it drops.

While here, Mike got to ride his new bike around the City and take pics of the various nuances that separates NYC from other cities in the US. Nothing like the street opening up and exposing the vast underbelly of infrastructure!

  • lady

    rode by these last night…ish is no joke!

  • sam

    Amazing! Nothing says ‘gorgeous underbelly’ and ‘dynamic space’ like NYC.

  • Chicago has the same thing. Every winter huge holes open up in the streets and it seems that many stay there long into the summer before being temporarily repaired. The one I saw last night had an entire construction horse inside of it…just the flashing light sticking There’s one around the corner from my apartment with a garbage can inside of it too. The streets are hungry!

  • richard

    dude those holes are sick, if youve seen them with the trashcans in em they are prob just over a foot deep. you get one coming off the bridge and one going to it