No Cassettes Red Band Trailer Jul 10, 2009

NO CASSETTES RED BAND TRAILER from FonsecaFilms on Vimeo.

This shit is rad. Fonseca, pat yourself on your back man. Project looks legit as hell!

In other news, No Cassettes is up for pre-order, so get on that!

  • erik

    looks pretty fucking awesome.

  • Wilis

    Hell yeah some real bay area flavor!!

  • midwestrider

    as an outsider i will say those kids need to stick to their wheelie combos. everytime i see them try to hop a staircase or do a 180 it just looks ugly as shit. especially when compared to the east coast riders like bls and you prolly. and that big guys grind was horrible. seeing people falling makes me laugh, but everytime someone falls here just looks amateur.

    the also use the same style as an older rollerblade video i dont remember teh name.

    yah and the last line looks like it was filmed by a crackhead.

  • rollerbladesaregay
  • I do see similarities, but there are enough differences that I don’t think it’s a big deal.

  • Bigman

    The concept is similar ya. But in my opinion fonsecas is done alot better. Bothers me how certain people call him out.

  • People have opinions and they’ll usually voice them, especially on the internet. We all know being completely original is hard to do. I don’t think Fonseca cares about the haters. The video is still rad and I’m sure it’ll be a good DVD!

  • ur a n8

    I think it was pretty amazing.
    Right from the get go I knew it was gonna be good because it was rated “H” for hella tight!

  • Sweatness

    I just watched both of the trailer’s and they have the same style but look different. I like Fonseca’s trailer better and Nice one whoever is trying to put him on the spot.

  • Fuckmidwestrider

    To midwestrider:
    Seems like you obviously know what goes down out here in the bay. There are people in the bay that are able to hit sets at the same quality as the east coast guys. Just because you see some edits online doesn’t justify we can’t do them. There is a whole lot of underground riders here who are in my opinion at the top of fixed gear freestyle. They just choose to stay behind the light or haven’t got the proper exposure.

  • Indiana

    fonseca’s editing is on point here. it succeeded in making me want to pre-order the dvd.

    leave it to “an outsider” to level specious criticisms under the guise of flattery. but hey, at least he likes it when you gap stairs, john.

    good work chris.

  • Yeah, ok… so let’s move on from the two negative comments and leave it at that!

  • SandCrab

    “Good artist copy, great artist steal.” – me


    Shit looks legit. Buck a hater. Sad that dudes just focus on nonsense. Keep killin them Fonseca….

  • really?

    That was a blatant bite of the…ROLLERBLADE VIDEO. At least change the intro

  • wilis

    Is that demarco in this? Holler at me homie!! Coming out to the bay soon.

  • rev run

    haha he sooooooooo copied the rollerblading video. what a DOUCHE

  • dude

    where can i find this mash-up? it is disgustingly ill.