Machine with Roller Chain – Arthur Ganson Jul 22, 2009

Arthur Ganson is known for his kinetic sculptures and machines. At moments even a cold metallic machine can appear to be organic and chaotic. This is one of those moments.

Thanks for the link Zack!

  • /watch?v=5q-BH-tvxEg

    This is nuts. I wonder if there’s even any load on the final drive mechanism. By all means, that thing has enough torque to chew through that concrete….some day.

  • jonnyneedledick

    yea get the dvd watson its well worth the investment . i got it a couple years ago. good soundtrack nothing but machines clicking and making noise. great to zone out to.

  • kylej

    happy to see a living master get his due from a non-visualarts-related blog/community. ganson is great along with tinguely and the rest who exemplify the gorgeous aspects of motion. more! more!

  • i was lucky enough to see ganson speak down here in april. he had his show in the architecture building here at ut. i also got his dvd a couple of years ago back when it was only $5!

    it was fantastic to see his stuff in person, but his video page is super awesome, too. it’s essentially the same as the dvd but there are a few that aren’t on there.

    his artichoke and wishbone stuff is super awesome and it is amazing how large of a presence these physically small sculptures have, even when you are standing right in front of them!