Macaframa Jul 23, 2009

Just got a nice package in the mail from Colby at Macaframa. Thanks duder! Stoked on the tall-boy coozie, stickers and shirt. Even more stoked on the ability to do this!

  • ur a n8

    You are dead to me!

  • dontcoast

    wtf happen?

  • what.

    I preordered like months ago and I still haven’t got it yet.

  • Ian Barry

    Yea I also ordered mine as soon as pre order came out and still haven’t gotten mine. Really bummed about it actually.

  • tron

    hahaha nice is that nate?! haha

  • ahahahah your such a dick john, ahaha the best is when he flips over his shoe is gone. hahahhahahaha

  • ur a n8

    My shoe was still in the smashed toeclip which was lodged in the bumper.

    if the saying says “you are what you eat”….john is definitely a dick!

  • nate, why do you hate gay people?

  • Jolan

    I ordered mine like a week ago and I received a USPS confirmation yesterday that it’s on the way to Australia…. Or it’s hate mail coming via USPS.

  • lol. there are 69 frames in the GIF.

  • erik.b

    smartest way i ever heard nate called something gay.

  • hustlejr

    would this of been avoidable with a brake?


  • wtf

    They are doing a horrible job of getting the DVDs out. I ordered in mid-May and still haven’t gotten mine. They bragged about having the DVDs, posting photos of them in their hands almost 3 weeks ago now and they are so slack they still haven’t gotten them in the mail to everybody. I’m sure it would be blog worthy new but everybody with a popular bike blog wants to stay in the good graces of the Macaframa crew rather than report on them doing a horrible job business wise. Just check the comments? Is this negative? I guess. Is it also true? Most definitely.

  • angrykid

    yeah seriously man even that aussie guy is getting the dvd even before me. What is going on with macaframa? Are they out of their mind? crazy man
    They even turned off comments for that post i cant take it anymore

  • Laali (Jake)

    You finally did it!
    Sorry Nate…
    See you in the winter time

  • nick

    the funniest part about that is he is wearing a shirt that says lucky