Lance Armstrong and the CTRs Jul 29, 2009

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You lucky dogs. CTRs / DQM / NYC reppin hard! Congrats guys!

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Sneakers, bringing cyclists together worldwide. Who’da thought?

  • fred

    if that’s super ted…his mustache is getting long enough to touch super tan mr. armstrong.

  • Is he wearing the Futura Dunks? Crazy.

  • i love that a charity did a FLOM dunk. hilarious.

    glad to see the trip over was a success!

  • 120spaced

    those probably are Futura Dunks since Futura did all the graphics for his TT bike a few years and back it looks like the same graphics on the Trek pictured. a little known fact: Futura is a big roadie from waaaaay back, even went to europe to ride for a stretch.

  • Those are re-issued For the Love of Money dunks (FLOM – an old Nike designed by Futura). Livestrong reissued a series of limited nikes in the yellow and black colorway.

    Futura was a messenger for a while, not really a “roadie” in the modern-day sense.

  • 120spaced

    maybe i got the roadie thing twisted but i remember reading in his book the he did go to europe to ride…*he would probably find people arguing about what he did and didn’t do entertaining since he’s the only one that really knows.

    “futura hated Shimano and only rep’d campy!”


  • either, or, he had fun for a spell on a bike…

    and i would like to have fun on lance’s bike. wow that sounds pretty suggestive.

  • a lot of those old heads were into bikes. iirc, zephyr is a cat 2 track cyclist.