Jake Burns a Shoe Jul 20, 2009

Jake Bombs A Big Hill at 40mph from Patrick Lawler on Vimeo.

So, Jake loses control of his power grip around 40mph down a hill in SF. He BMX stops it and burns his leg in the process. 2:04 coulda been nasty. It looks like he almost loses it. Glad to see a helmet on your head man!

Is that the hill Hayes stomps out in Maca? Anyway, this definitely makes me wanna roll through SF real soon. Would take on a few hills on my Bruiser and everyone I’ve met from there has been a blast to hang out with. In fact, I think the only person I’d buck fifty would be B34N5. You hear that man?


  • Alex

    i dont trust power grips, everyone i know who has owned one it breaks.

  • gnarpepe

    i went down that last hill
    on a brakeless bmx!
    with trustnmos.
    i used to go down all those hills everyday wen i was working as a messenger in sf

  • blair

    yeah, that’s the same hill from your macaframa link. that’s the 20th street bridge in the dogpatch, southeast side of the city. FUN AS SHIT.

  • klsajdkl

    He’d be faster on a bmx bike or a singlespeed. Just sayin’.

  • Pete

    that is why Toshi > Powergrips.

    i love my Toshis (all 3 pair) and never have a problem like this…

  • magnus

    please chill
    don’t die

  • Jake

    Yeah I tried powergrips cause I kept breaking clips but I’m definatly going back to doublestraps…

  • go clipless!

  • cannnnnnnibal

    whats up with B34N5? splaiiining to doooo

  • Colby

    Come to sf prolly! And then buck fitty that buster and ill give him a Cuban neck tie!

  • Rob

    Toshis all the way

  • same thing happened to me on some hill i over shot. i hit full cadence before i even hit the hill. fucked up my leg. i felt like jumping but just ted shreded for like 50 feet