I’ll Admit It Jul 10, 2009

I know it’s old news, but last year at Interbike when I saw the MASH & Cinelli project, I was really impressed. It even had black anodized C-Record track cranks. This is one of the few newer aluminum frames that I’d ride. Beautifully done. It doesn’t look all Formula 1 race car like the Vigorelli either. Would be a beast at the track!

What prompted the random post you ask? This post on Hypebeast.

  • I really hope Cinelli create a road bike version of this frame. It’s the best (minimal) paint scheme they have at moment, really hoping for 2010 they go all minimal again. The type on the Vigorelli top tube is off.

  • ur a n8

    I’ve been pretty stoked on this frame since day 1.

  • wilis

    Hella stoked on this frame, so is everyone else though. I think it’s something to buy and sit on. Release it when the hype has calmed down. The paint scheme is to dope to strip…