Hold Fast or Die Straps Illustrations Jul 30, 2009

Ben from Deep Fried Graphics did a series of installation illustrations for Hold Fast. Still riding mine and I still stand by them!

  • michael

    just got mine earlier this week.
    they’re brilliant.

  • Drawler

    So these are supposed to be dope for “freestyle” riding… how do they compared to regular cages for regular city riding?

  • michael

    Well, it completely eliminates the problem of torn leather and busted cages, both a ridiculous expense, and they’re way easier to install. I’d recommend at least trying them out. They fit more comfortably than any toe clips I’ve ever worn.

  • alx

    i’d like to know more about this too: it seems as though people are treating these as if they’re made specifically for ‘freestyle’ riding, but the makers of the straps never really say that. granted, they look burly and it seems they would be good for freestyle riding, but is there any reason why they won’t be just as good as clips & straps for riding in the city, doing laps, training, and so on?

  • A lot of people here in NY use them on commuter bikes. Perfect for the winter because you can fit big boots in them.

  • antihero1972

    yes, exactly what i want to know will they be good for bombing hills and city riding? Do they work with track pedals or touring pedals??

  • I’ve been wanting to get some adjustable straps for a while now but not sure if I want the Holdfast ones or these. http://velojol.blogspot.com/

    They look similar but less bulky and without a huge logo.

  • H

    any shop that sell them or is it order only?

  • jonnyneedledick

    my only question is ease entry.
    do they flop all over like an old pho noodle? or are the stiff and rigid like an over cooked 7-11 taquito?

    it would be good to hear that they stay arched and ready for easy un lubed entry


  • scissorneck

    hold fast is where its at….made in the usa…