Grindin’ Jul 18, 2009

a couple grinds from Tom Mosher on Vimeo.

Pegs on a fixed gear… No comment.

Does it look fun? Sure. Mosher jumped on after he rode with Wonka a little bit last month. Good lil edit.

  • AJ

    broke an axel yet tom?


    I love doing tricks on my fixed gear, but this is fucking stupid. I haven’t been stoked on any videos in a long long time. When will the gayness end? P.S, let me know when your little fagot axle snaps.

  • Carl Lucas

    The fixed gear riders are going to get heat for this but who cares its all in good fun and it is sure to bring about new moves as well.
    (3 tap to Icepick stall sounds like a good one someone get to work on that.)

  • wilis

    And it begins… looks fun though.

  • lol @ king of delco’s PMS fit.

  • alexokp

    how is doing 180s down stairs on a fixed gear “cool”, but putting pegs on and doing ice picks is “gay”?

    sounds like some hipster elitist bullshit.

    either accept that doing tricks on a fixie is lame in general or roll with what people are doing. you aren’t anymore cool than them.

  • hustlejr

    I swore to myself I’d stop calling them BMX bikes until they started to have pegs…

    Nice BMX bike.

  • izb

    (3 tap to ice pick stall is by no means a ‘new move’. The only thing fixed gear tricks will ‘bring about’ is repetition.

  • ehay, delco, why have limitations?

  • Burd

    This is strictly my opinion of course, but I personally am not down with pegs on fixed gear bikes. I think they are a crutch and will kill the creativity and inventiveness that you’re forced to have when riding fixed.

    Think about the last trick that Mosher does in his BSv.3 part… the 180 sliding sprocket grind thing on that metal rail in SF. That was 100% genius. No pegs. Drop the pegs, Tom, please! You don’t need them…

  • yeah, what’s next, losing the fixed wheel so you can have better pedal timing for shit and 26″ wheels for better overlap?

    Just sayin’

  • Straight up, I just want to have more tricks to pick from.

    Burd – don’t worry, the pegs are opening MORE doors of creativity, not shutting any.

    And yes, of course I’ve broken an axle! haha duh!

    Just wait for my next edit where I really put these things to use!

  • ur a n8

    pegs….no pegs…..who gives a fuck! It’s all gay!

    speaking of which…..I’m keepin an eye on your girlfriend for ya tom!

    haha…..Imma go do wheelies and whirlie birds now. It’s all in good fun. people having fun on bikes is RAD!

  • Indiana

    i think the lack of creativity has been coming from the comments section(s).
    homophobia is a crutch, and keeps shit talking, or just playful badgering, from really hitting its mark.
    i’m always hyped to see something different, and though tom didn’t invent these tricks, they’re different, and i’m hyped.

  • tron

    like the mini edit tom! and yes nate is keeping an eye on me because he is a fruit fly. HA!

    but in any case pegs or no pegs i think that having a different and new perspective with tricks will definitely push things to a new level.

  • I had a thought Prolly…

    What is the difference between pegs and your crusher? Both are add-ons meant to facilitate grinds, I don’t fully understand why one is ‘okay’ and the other isn’t, know what I’m saying?

  • jkelley

    “The only thing fixed gear tricks will ‘bring about’ is repetition.”IZB
    ok for all you “bmxers did if first” crusaders. Will you please go watch Joe kid stingray. And you will see in there that some of the first guys doing tricks (flatgroud tricks-which most have now been turned into street trics) were inspired by artistic cyclist they had seen(fixed gear). so please get over yourself. A bike is a bike, who get’s to make the rules on what you should or shouldn’t do. If you don’t like it don’t do it, it’s that simple. But to just bitch and moan about it makes you look like a baby.

  • ben

    hey, ride what you like to ride. fuck everyone else.

  • The difference between a chainring guard and pegs is a chainring guard won’t snap your axles.

    Partially joking there…

    You can also look at is as something that lengthens the lifespan of your drive train. BMXrs can do chainring grinds too, but since their drivetrain isn’t so delicate, or as essential as it is to a fixed gear, they don’t need one.

    Pegs are just one of those things I won’t get into. Like if this all evolved to a 650b or 650c wheelset. It’s not what I’m feeling at the moment and like Burd put it, kinda kills the creativity.

    I’m not trying to discourage anyone, but the way I look at this sport is everyone wants shit so easily. 0 overlap, the “magic” ratio, the “best bike to wheelie” and no one really understands that practice and persistence is the only way to get good at this shit. Eventually, I can see people complaining about timing your bunnyhops on and off ledges and gaps. What then? Freewheel?

    With a 700c wheel, you’re higher up off the ground and peg grinds just kinda look weird. Believe it or not, I really don’t do CR grinds all that much for the same reason.

    Anyway, this is a whole can of worms…

  • jonnyneedledick

    well… its kind of like watching some shit head on a long board try and 3 flip the thing. sure with enough practice you can do it but you’re still a flake.
    bmx’s evolved over time to a purpose built trick bike. adapting bmx tricks to a fixed platform is only partially necessary for evolution. sure some things are useful but over all i think we should stop humping bmx tricks. its not ‘pushing’ anything in reality, its just the same ol tricks bmxers have done on a different bike.
    i’m starting to feel like fixed gears are just as wack ass as roller blades were to skating. i’m more impressed with people on 26’ers doing this shit than i am with fixed at the moment. we can and should blaze our own path.

    do your thing for sure. but this debate will never end.

  • nate

    this is opening up a whole GAY can of worms.

  • BetterThanYou

    The rollreblade comparison is getting really stupid. Go watch a Mindgame video and tell me this ballerina fixed gear shit can compare at all. fuck you.

  • Golden Spoon

    Is this the future?

    Nope, it’s the past. You’re slowly re-evolving your fixed gears to something that already exists.

  • dontcoast

    that shit looked fun as hell.

    if you don’t like it don’t ride it. if you like it better on a bmx do it on a bmx.

    it’s creative for tom cuz he hasn’t done it before.

    if you can get so creative without pegs, let’s see you post your edit with that super original, never been done before super fixed trick. and it better not be inspired by artistic cycling (or anything else! plagarists!) or i will unleash my hounds of homophobia!

  • Indiana

    Thanks, Nate.
    To elaborate on previous comments, I think the interesting thing about riding something different is doing things differently. If everyone started throwing pegs on their fixed gears before they could wheelie, or ride fakie, it might be worth criticizing. What I see here is a rider who has continued to progress, and in the pursuit of progression, he has continued to do things differently. I’m hyped.

  • Ok, that’s enough. Comments closed…