Gear to Gear Jul 28, 2009

Fun little edit. Makes me wanna ride for sure. Also, I want to encourage more women getting involved with projects. If this becomes a full length, be sure to include Jen!

St. Petersburg!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jonnyneedledick

    that girl is purdy :)

  • scissorneck


  • Guys, encourage, not skeez out!

  • zing

    With all honesty, that was sort of a waste of time. Keep it up though, i guess.

  • jonnyneedledick

    i encourage.
    and i wasnt skeezin. i mean cmon dispite my name i am a gentleman at heart.

    i doff my cap to you miss’


  • Rad video for sure, but what’s the point of drops if you never use them!

  • dontcoast

    +1 prolly

    jnd, you weren’t that skeezy compared to scissorneck anyways…

    but seriously, if we want the ladies on bikes not think of all male riders as skeezy trolls drooling over interwebz videos this is not the way to encourage. much less to make women who dont ride yet want to join in.

    not that the damage hasnt allready been done on and offline…

    makes me not wanna post pictures of female friends riding their bikes

  • tron

    nice camerawork but it was boooooooooring.

  • hooooraayyyyyy, matt & kim.

  • mmediaman

    did the lack of chain tension drive anyone else nuts?

  • veng

    fun to watch, enjoyed the music. The chain def. cathes ones

  • Ryan

    haha i met that girl and her bf at 66Fixed when i was down visiting in St.Pete. was gonna buy her old bike for my gf…
    cool chick, no BS.

  • sam

    More on gender (I’m on a roll!). It seems you can give women more primacy in the footage shot (as opposed to having them trail behind some dude 98 percent of the time) – and, maybe, not to have every single alley cat race flier (in every city) have a picture of a scantily glad woman in heels posed next to a bike =]

    The amazing female cyclists are out there in spades – many of them just want nothing to do with the way bike culture represents and treats them. A lot easier just to ride with a great group of friends, duck the limelight and the scene, and not have to deal with all the bullshit.

    Thanks for the call to arms. Be nice to see some change happen.

  • Slim McCrackin

    Do all bike girls in St. Petersburg look like that? If so then I’m moving

  • jayn

    Hey Guys,

    Thanks for all of the input and support! The video is still in the works and hope to have more (interesting ) footage in it in the near future. Our friends did a great job and I thank them for putting us in a video. I love to ride whenever possible. Girls, get on any kind of bike and just ride your heart out!

  • I used to go to highschool with that girl! Weird.


    man that made me sleepy. what just happend? i GUESS that made me wanna ride, not really tho because i was already thinking of riding before i fell asleep, i mean watched the vid. sorry im just not that into you.

  • ash

    I don’t think this video is supposed to be “MASH” like with them riding through traffic or doing all kinds of fancy tricks. From what I gathered about the guys that shot this video, is it’s going to be with a bunch more on a website that is more informative about the cycling community and how diverse it is.

    I think it’s shot well, yes it might be boring but not everything about fixed gears has to be about hills, skids, trackstands or tricks.

    Big ups to you guys!