Free and Easy Jul 24, 2009

Have a free and easy weekend!

  • Dinosaur

    Damn this video is sick!

  • Thank you for being in tune with blog. I will have a look at blog every day. I want to try so hard that I have a cool trick like Prolly, the making of blog.

  • john

    i love the guy with drops at around 4:55

  • that video just warmed my heart a little bit.

  • Jakerock

    Question: Do bikes cost like $1,000,000 in Japan?
    Statement: If you put your foot down, the trick should be deleted from the video.

    Best, Jake

  • sean

    prolly i just want a hug now man.

  • tron

    yeah! stoked on the girl that does the keos!

  • Jarshy

    some keep watch action at 3:03 ;)
    great video!

  • sau

    everyone looks like they are having fun. and that skid to pick up a water bottle was amazing. good times

  • sam

    Ah. I keep coming back to this video. DIY therapy.