East Coast Stomps it Out Jul 10, 2009

Look! A flying hippo!

Here you see the predatory ‘Wonka’ animal, hopping over the Hippo who was enjoying a quick drink at the watering hole. Enthralling!

Here are those shots I mentioned last night. Wonka’s got insane ups. He not only 180’d it, but almost pulled a tuck-no-hander off it and he landed a few 3 hops. I hit it a few times. The last time, I tucked up high as hell and forgot to feather the landing. My wrist is bruised right now. Gotta heal up quick!

Crazy ish! BIG UP ANDY T. for the pics. See some more here.

  • Fapuccino.

  • hippos can fly. proven.

  • Wow, this shit is bonkers.

  • midwestrider

    see. no rider in no cassetes could do that. keep pushing it up guys.

  • Midwestrider,

    Don’t make it a competition. We’re all just in it for fun. When people take it too seriously, it ruins the energy. Keep it positive please!

  • Ian

    I like that last picture because it looks like you threw him

  • yosh

    What do you mean, “feather the landing”?

  • kylej


  • wilis

    Damn! The photo’s are looking good Andy! Oh yeah the riding is cool as well.=)

  • Cool stuff, fixed-gear freestyle, that’s going back to circus tricks!

    Get some helmets on your heads though guys – it ain’t worth it…