Don’s Death Pedal 2 Submission Jul 30, 2009

Don’s Death Pedal 2 Submission Video from Don King Punch on Vimeo.

Damn. Kareem, you gonna take that? You guys should rollerblade battle it out!


  • Jet Nuygen

    The funny thing is that,this guys edit was better then Karem section in DP

  • hahaha no way! donald is way better at blading than I am. All the footie from my dp part is hella old anyhow… Wait for the new shit hehehe

  • its rollertrack dammit. get it right.

  • ya’ll should start a “fruit boot fixie crew” HAHAHAA


  • dammit, if I wasn’t tech-retarded I’d post the clip I have of me from this past winter doing keo’s wearing somebody’s rollerblades!

  • whatever. youre just insecure ;).

  • Whatever. this guy still has a gay bike….

  • kevin

    did he set his bike up as a joke? those bmx bars look fucking stupid as shit. sam miller, tom lamarsh and super ted all ride hella tight bikes. wish the fixed gay freestyle masses would take a note from there setups. bmx bars look dumb. how do you even hop with those?

  • While I’ll admit that I don’t like the way mini risers look, I have to say “to each their own”.

    Kevin, stop saying “gay” too!

  • Fonseca

    Dnald rides low riders. I think it was a joke

  • hfwido

    “Whatever. this guy still has a gay bike….” -Andy.

    hahaaa :)

  • that was terrible i think im gonna go lay in bed and go over if i should take that seriously on that note ….

  • dontcoast

    think hard wonka

    that shit was hilarious. needs an aerospoke so we can actually be really confused about whether or not its a joke

    and pedal flips need to be done from clipped in to clipped in! :P

  • Hipsterwannabe

    Or you guys could bite bmx harder and look even more pathetic, if thats possible.

  • new

    and you guys wonder why the bmxers hate on you.

  • jkelley

    i’m sure none of us care if bmxers hate on us.

  • Hipsterwannabe

    You obviously care seeing as you’re biting their sport so hard. Don’t get me wrong I think both of the genres are fagtastic. I just think you guys are 10 times more pathetic and lame. I mean seriously, who wants to be a bmxer? I don’t know about you but I’m a fan of showers and girls. Too each his own.

  • kim

    let them ride wat they want to ride
    so bike shop can clear some stupid shit away
    stop saying ‘ gay gay gay ‘

    and i am fucking sure that is a joke

  • BetterThanYou

    Yeah because you guys can just hate on rollerblading even though your shit is way more wack.

  • what the fuck is the point of hating on shit so hard? waste of damn energy. obviously youre coming here to see something…and end up leaving the same stupid ass comments about what people are doing on their bikes. get a life or join a debate team.