Dienasty NYC Jul 1, 2009

I met Matt a while back at Affinity. He’s actually riding one of the older prototypes and has been riding it for a few years now. I think I first saw some Dienasty shirts at Affinity around the same time. Since then, he’s been working on dialing in a few designs.

Lookin good man! If you’re in NYC, swing through Affinity and swoop some! If you’re not in NYC, you can always hit up the web shop!

  • hfwido

    There is my school! Haha. Cool mask.

  • Bad ass!! I’m a fan

  • Ozone

    Love the looks of the shirts as much as the mask!

  • Erik B.

    Delicious as Hell!

  • psychonautUSA

    “the alamo” cube sculpture by Mr. Rosenthal and the dienasty ghoul!!!! Almost as awesome as the tee.

    Spin the cube and you have arrived. The faster you go the rounder it gets.

    Love the tee.

  • abe

    who is that scary dude terrorizing the poor people of NYC

  • dave

    what mask?

  • james

    The shirt’s pretty ill! I need one of those

  • nice photos! go mat thomas!

  • dre

    Rad t’s! Do you have girl’s sizes?