Courage Stainless Jul 22, 2009

Nice, right?

I want to try to post images from US-frame builders as much as possible from here on out. There are a ton of beautiful bikes that are hand-built in the States and every time I come across an image like this, I appreciate them more and more.

Courage has always made lovely bicycles. I mentioned a while back their interview on Coroflot and have been Flickr contacts with them since. When this pic popped up, I had to post it.

Coroflot on Courage

  • Edward Scoble

    good idea mate, you should promote local framebuilder, it should be cheaper to get a decent frame from a local framebuilder than trying to get the latest ‘NJS’ frame from Japan, or an European frame.

  • Todd

    Awesome that a US frame maker has that kind of pride in their work, sells that kind of quality…

    But as someone who just bashes the chain stays up against whatever solid surface is nearby to tighten the chain, I may not appreciate the subtlety 1/8 of an inch adjustment marks offer.


  • hustlejr

    Hopefully you’ll be posting photos of my bikes in a couple of years!