Chi-town Trick Meetup Jul 22, 2009

Fixed gear tricks, not prostitutes!

Chi-town, heads up. Prizes and good times for sure. Keep it up guys. Someone send me some video and pics!

  • So does that mean you are coming out then? and with Bruisers in hand as prizes? Sweeeeeet.

  • drew

    When i went in April, they were playing Magic the Gathering instead of riding. Weak.

  • C

    we are multifaceted people here in chicago

  • dontcoast

    this incarnation of the trick meetup is to try to encourage more riding than drinking. we’ll see how it pans out.

  • Andrew

    “Multi-faceted” is no excuse for magic the gathering. Trust this: fantasy card games are not the norm for Chicago’s burgeoning cycling scene. Then again, to be fair, there’s not a huge trick scene here. Track bikes are mostly relegated to commuting and, well, track racing.

  • This shit looks like fun. Magic the Gathering aside. Anything’s better than WOW!

  • big ups to chi town my home town. doin it good design and bike wise.

  • Anything is better than how it was. And I have to admit that I avoided this for months because of the above stated things. “Curbs and Drinks” as Root put it. But, there will be me and root and mark for sure on bikes doing (attempting in my case) tricks. So if at LEAST three people is enough to get you excited about riding and learning stuff, please stop by. I think the scene is starting to grow a little, which I am excited about. Bring your 700cMX and let’s have some fun!!!

  • Marrrrk.

    I’m curious to see how this turns out. As Drew stated previously, these nights usually have very little to do with tricks at all. Given the fact that Chicago has so many people riding fixed gears, it’s pretty surprising that there are so few riders into fgfs. Perhaps this will bring some out of the woodwork? If not, I’m perfectly content with practicing sans drinks and card games…

  • When TnD started a few years back there was a solid group of kids coming out and actually doing tricks. Since then people have moved on to racing or have found something else to do. And then there are those how have just moved.
    I have seen the rise and fall of TnD and it is what it is. Some people seem to be interested in tricks but the vast majority just don’t care. I know there are kids here in Chicago who want to do tricks and I encouage them to get together be it at TnD or not. As far now it seems that TnD will be more of a social event but that could change. Because there is no leader or organizer each week differs and what happens is based on who comes out.
    If people want there to be tricks at Tricks n Drinks then they need to come out.