Bike Carnival 2009 Jul 20, 2009

Bike Carnival 2009, ファンタジーレース,Fixed trick Jam ダイジェスト(not official) from ryo ubota on Vimeo.

I know, I know, It’s 12 minutes long, so be patient because there are some bangers in there, particularly from Teppei (11:40!) and Toku. I feel like the US is a whiles off from throwing an event like this. Look at all those riders having fun. Pretty dope set up.

Timing in the video breaks down as so:

00:11 ファンタジーレース 準決勝 (Keirin)
01:43 Fixed Trick Jam 準決勝
05:14 ファンタジーレース 決勝 (Keirin)
06:55 Fixed Trick Jam 決勝

I can’t wait to go to Japan. I still need to line up a place to stay while I’m there. Anyone in Tokyo got a couch or a floor I can sleep on?

Via Starfuckers

  • wonka

    magine the us riders were there we need to get this popping!

  • It’d be proper to throw the next Peel like this… FUCK. Who wants to supply / sponsor the next Peel Sessions competition with some ramps?!

  • ubota

    Keioukaku, a KEIRIN bank in Tokyo, sponsored this event. That ramps ware amazing. I am really looking forward to meet you and many others. but I cant get you space to sleep, my house is too small I’m sorry. But someone can!!

  • hfwido

    Teppei killed it, but i agree with wonka for sure!!!

    lets have that shit at the manhattan park!!!!

  • Jeff

    Dude, Teppei. He landed a frigging 180 off that jump, and a barspin. These guys are really pushing it. Kinda reminds me of those old old BMX videos I’ve seen. A decade in the future people are going to see these and finally see where this fixed gear freestyle stuff came from.

    but he uses protection

  • wonka

    i think i might be in japan for the worlds throw a trick comp! PLEASE=)

  • BienK

    i say this once a day: Nasty (teppei) is da man!

    #1 Nasty’s italian fan :-)