3 Tap to Bar Hop Jul 6, 2009

3 tap to hop bar, ghetto SKITCH add from hfwido on Vimeo.

Torey has a new web edit in the works and this seems to be his newest trick. Lookin good man. Spending your time wisely!

  • woo! stack em up!

  • Rhys


  • AJ

    Impressive…. most impressive… good candor

  • Gross

    Agreed. Its gross. Why post it if you land it all ugly. just wait and film it better. what’s the point?

  • AJ

    i think the point is to push the limits, i’d never thought to try that combo but now i’m gonna. no need to tear fools down, this isnt tracko.

    3rd coast loves ya torey keep it up

  • Hate. Just hate. Why hate if your just going to hate. Learn to hate more. Why not hate?

  • Ariel Pink!
    fo real, hella sick
    torey’s trick is potentially sick too