Superfluo Concept Jun 10, 2009

What do we have here? I was browsing the Flickr group “SS/FG Bicycles” when I came across this new track bike company, Superfluo Concept. At first I thought they were miniatures. Obviously, at second glance, they’re aluminum track bikes. Nice colors! and look, matching caps.

Not much on their site, so I’d suggest emailing them here with any questions.

  • some details on pricing and components can be found here > info found through an italian forum, so i’m not sure if it’s true or not.

  • wangster

    looks like a fetish cycles frame with a bianchi concept style fork?

    the polka dot one looks fun!

  • nickinwi


  • They pretty awful to me… stupid alu frames straight outta China. There are some very similar looking cheap-o framesets for sale on Ebay right now, without the fancy paintjob, though.

  • hustlejr

    Way too fucking small.

  • BienK

    nice or bad , i don’t know , but i’m sure they’re alu frame + carbon fork made in Italy , not China.

  • Brian

    These are not made by Leader. They do not even have the same geometry. Leader is famous for the quality and geometry.

  • spino

    you guys simply don’t know what you are talking about!!