Steven Alan and Chari & Co Jun 11, 2009

I’m only guessing due to this post on the Chari & Co blog. The label is right there in your face. Looks like they’re working with Steven Alan on a ‘flannel riding shirt’. Looks good so far. It’ll be interesting to see if the cut is any different. Flannels are tough to ride in. They have to be super-thin for me, or I get too hot too fast. Anything with quilting or lining tends to be too much, even in the dead of Winter.

More details to come!

  • Tracko

    No fucking way…that is RAD!

  • nervous noah

    i worked in a flannel/softshell most of the winter. HTFU prolly!

  • Yeah, I rode in a flannel all winter. But it wasn’t lined or quilted.

  • erikerikerikerik

    meh. doesn’t make sense to me, but whatever.